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Saturday, July 17, 2010

What? Vacation again?

Pretty much the best summer I've had in a long time! Already went on a fabulous vacation with my family and now I'm going on another one --- to DISNEY WORLD! 

I'm very much a grown woman but I still love Disney :)

By the time you read this I will already be gone! Woo hoo!!

You know what's not so woo hoo? NO INTERNET ACCESS FOR AN ENTIRE WEEK!

I thought about bringing the computer but I think my mother and sister would kill me just little if I wasted even one minute of our precious time in Disney checking my email :)

SO! I'm gone - until at least Sunday the 24th. If you email me, I will get back to you - just after vacation :) 

I do have some posts scheduled for this week and my Mega Blogoversary contest is still ongoing. I have another prize pack to add when I get back so if you haven't already - enter now! (link is above).

I hope you all have a wonderful week while I'm gone.

Later gaters! 


  1. I've never been! I can't wait to hear about it, though. My husband and I are big kids and would love to go sometime...Have fun!

  2. Have a great time! I've never been to Disney but I bet its a lot of fun! :)

  3. Have a great time!

  4. Bye bye! Enjoy your time there, it sounds like fun!


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