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Monday, July 19, 2010

Can you tell me? Answers

My last "Can you tell me question?" was:

What is a "Temporary post used for theme detection" post?

This one stumped some people - me included. I had some theories but mine were all wrong :) I was convinced that these posts were intentional and that someone out there would be able to tell me why they were posting these weird strings of letters and numbers.

To clarify, I was seeing these posts as RSS feeds in Google Reader. Recently, when I clicked on the link to one of these posts, I would get a Blogger 'page not found' error message. Ok...that didn't help me :)

I got a few comments that lead me on the right track...and after doing a little testing of my own I followed my boyfriend's advice to "just Google it" (seriously, what would we do without Google!?). What did I find?

It told me exactly what I so very much wanted to know!

So - what's the answer? I'll tell you :)

A "Temporary Post Used For Theme Detection" post will appear in RSS feeds when a blogger refreshes the theme of their blog from Windows Live writer. 

A temporary post is created and deleted instantly. However, the post will appear in your blog's RSS feed. The website I linked to above gives instructions for repressing this post if you use Wordpress. Haven't found a way to do it in Blogger and since I don't use Windows Live writer I have no idea how it works on the user end.

So, it's not evil and it's also not intentional. Just a weird bloggy thing that we can all safely ignore :)

Do you have a question you would like me to feature in an upcoming Can you tell me? post? Let me know!


  1. LOL. That's funny. My guess was wrong too. I never thought to Google it, which is weird since I Google everything else I ever wonder about.

  2. Oh well, it looks like I was right =D lol


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