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Friday, July 9, 2010

Flashback Friday: Weekend by Christopher Pike

Flashback Friday reviews are of books that I read as a teen, reread now years later :)

Title: Weekend
Author: Christopher Pike
Publication Date: 1986
Originally Read: circa 1993

(from the back cover)
The weekend in Mexico sounded like a dream vacation. Four guys, five girls - and a gorgeous oceanside mansion all to themselves. It should have been perfect.
Except nothing was going the way they'd planned. There was the girl upstairs who was fighting for her life. The phone lines that went dead. And the explosion in the garage that could have killed them all.
But not even that prepared them for what happened next. Because while they were getting some sun, someone else was getting revenge - and the terror wouldn't stop until the weekend was over.

My Review:
OMG I love this book! I remember loving it as a teen and I think I love it even more now. Like many of my teen books, I have no idea where my original copy went but I found a 1986 edition at a used bookstore (pretty sure I squealed a little when I saw it).

The story line? Pretty far fetched. The characters? Very stereotypical and unbelievable. The setting, situations, and scenarios this group of high school seniors find themselves in? No way it could every happen.


So wonderfully outrageous!. I mean, teenagers transporting guns and fireworks across the US / Mexico boarder? I don't think so. You don't really even see YA books these days that have young characters carrying guns. In 1986 it was a pretty common affair though. Oh, and apparently, teenagers were also sex crazed maniacs would would kill their best friends over the silliest of things.

Did I say I loved this book? Well, I do! It so very much a typical Pike read for me. The action is way out there but the mystery is spot on.

It will always be one of my favorite and most memorable reads from my teen (or pre-teen) years and if you're a fan of Pike's I recommend finding yourself a copy of this one.


  1. Ohh! I think I have to re-read this back! I realized now they are re-publish his books with better commercialize book cover. but still, i love his books!

  2. Cool. I've never heard of it. I like this :)

  3. I'm new to your blog, but what a great idea! I'm still haunted by my Paul Zindel experiences -- and really need to reread them.

  4. Hahhaa, this is a great feature.


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