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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Prize added to Blogoversary Mega Contest!

Another prize added today :)

1 (one) INTERNATIONAL Winner:
$15 from The Book Depository. As long as they ship to your country. Any book (or books) that add up to $15 are yours!

This brings us up to 2 international winners!

Please read my BLOGOVERSARY POST for all details pertaining to the contest. Comments are wonderful but you must fill out the form on the above mentioned post.

Thanks guys!


  1. Wow this contest just keeps getting better and better!! Thanks!

  2. Amazing giveaway! I went and entered!!! I saw that you are a part of the Debut Author Challenge! That is so amazing that you are supporting debut authors and I only recently found out that I am going to be one!!! I wanted to ask if you wouldn’t mind heading over to my blog and giving me your opinion. As a blogger turned author I would really appreciate it and the publisher is still giving out ARCs so you might have a chance at a free copy! Thank you and I hope you will stop by and check out The Thirteenth Chime!

    Emma Michaels

    P.S.- My release date if Friday the 13th (August this year) isn't that crazy?

  3. This is an amazing giveaway that keeps getting better and better! Thank you so much :)


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