About Me / Review Policy


Hi guys!

I'm really really bad at talking about myself....but if you really want to know ;)

My name is Emily and you can usually see me around the interwebs as Emily aka WilowRaven or just WilowRaven. Also @WilowRedHouse on twitter.

I'm a no nonsense type of person and my blog is a no nonsense type of place.

I post about books I've read, books I want to read, bookish things I've found that I think others might enjoy.

I post about authors and what they are up to. I sometimes host giveaways and you'll see a meme here and there.

I started this blog in July of 2009 after realizing how many great bloggers there were out there who loved the same things I love! It's been a wonderful experience for me and I'm looking forward to many (more) years blogging.

I'm always open to making new friends with fellow bloggers, authors or really anyone else out there who loves to read. Emails are always welcome. You can also find me on Twitter, LibraryThing and Goodreads.

..um...ok, I think that's it! :)


I will accept a book for review if it's something I think I would like. I review Young Adult and Middle Grade fantasy, sci-fi, dystopian, and paranormal novels. Really, just about any fiction book geared towards 8-18 year olds. I would consider some adult fantasy and sci-fi books as well.

I will accept self published or semi-self published books on a limited basis.

I try to read every book I am sent and review every book I read. However, things happen and I cannot guarantee that every book will receive a review. All my reviews are honest - always. Sending me a book for review does not guarantee a positive review. I post reviews here, at Red House Books and also on Goodreads, LibraryThing and Amazon.

Even if I do not like a particular book, I would never dream of bad mouthing or trashing an author in a review. Authors are truly wonderful people to me and even if I do not enjoy a particular book, I realize how much of themselves an author gives when they choose to put pen to paper.

I can be contacted at WilowRaven@gmail.com and I try to reply to every email - even if I'm not interested in what you have to offer. Questions and inquiries are always welcome!

Happy Reading everyone :)