About Me / Review Policy


Hi guys!

My name is Emily and you can usually see me around the interwebs as Emily aka WilowRaven or just WilowRaven.

I created this blog way back in 2009 as a way to spread the book love around a bit. I took a break from blogging (but not from reading and reviewing) for a few years and came back in July 2015.

I'm a no nonsense type of person and my blog is a no nonsense type of place.

I read and review mostly YA and Adult Sci-fi, Fantasy, Dystopian and Paranormal but I'm pretty open to almost anything.

I post about what I read and what I like -- honesty always! No extra fluff and no drama!

You can usually find me on Twitter and Instagram and I have a very healthy obsession with Goodreads ;)

Thanks for stopping by -- Happy Reading!!


I'm open to accepting reviews of anything I think I would read and enjoy.
Only 100% honest reviews will ever be posted.

I try to read every book I am sent and review every book I read. However, things happen and I cannot guarantee that every book will receive a review. All my reviews are honest - always. Sending me a book for review does not guarantee a positive review. I post reviews here, at Red House Books and also on Goodreads, and Amazon.

At this time I am not accepting self published or semi-self published books for review.

I can be contacted at WilowRaven@gmail.com and I try to reply to every email.
Questions and inquiries are always welcome!

Thanks again!