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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

My Stance On Plagiarism

It's wrong.

Don't do it.


In light of events recently brought to light I've decided to make a few changes.
I've thought long and hard about my decisions and I haven't made them lightly.

Officially participating in The Story Siren's Debut Author Challenge.
I have removed the button from my sidebar and I have reworked my original challenge post.
(I have tried to delete my link from the challenge page sign up post but have been unable too do so)

Still be keeping track of debuts I read because, DEBUT AUTHORS ARE AWESOME!
Still challenge myself to read as many debut authors as I can in 2012.

Going to post books I've received under the "In My Mailbox" meme

Still share with you books I've added to my collection each week but I'll do it without any affiliation to a particular meme and / or blog. I don't see anything wrong with this as one of the reasons I started this blog was to share and my Sunday posts will be just that - a sharing.

I've made some changes to the people I follow, subscribe to and 'friend' in various social media outlets (Twitter, Goodreads, Facebook etc) and while I will not be getting into particulars here, I am always open to honest, respectful conversations about...well...anything really.
Email me!

I almost NEVER speak out on issues / drama / controversy that happens in the book blogging world. 

I almost NEVER speak out on these types of things as they come up in my real life.

I'm not about the drama - I'm about living life to it's fullest and for me, a full life is a life full of books.

I felt that I couldn't keep absolutely silent this time however.

If anyone wants to discuss these decisions and changes I've made I would love to hear from you! Email me, please.

I also feel the need to say - if this post sounds a little colder and / or more serious then posts you are used to from me - the effect is intentional. I'm upset and disheartened by recent events and I'm trying to take a logical and fair approach to everything.

No worries - I'll be back to my old care free, crazy, off the wall self soon!

Thanks for listening guys!




  1. Well said! Couldn't agree more that plagiarism is wrong and no one should do it. Period. I also decided to stop following a certain blog and participating in her memes, but don't begrudge anyone who decides to stay. Everyone has to make their own choices, and I applaud you for taking this so seriously!

    1. Thank you.
      I totally agree that everyone has to make their own choices!

  2. I haven't really been following any of the scandal, but I cannot continue to support someone who steals another's content and then fails to properly admit to the wrong they've done.
    That being said, I like what you had to say, short sweet and to the point without naming names or being rude.

  3. I don't like to get involved in all the drama and controversy, because, when in numbers people like to lash out and turn things ugly, rather than what it should be: a lesson.

    The person who plagiarised should not be defended, end of story. She knowingly stole, which is an illegal offence. I, like many others, would find room to forgive her if she'd straight up owned up to what she did. The popularity of the blogger should not be a factor in this.

    Nicely said. Bottom line: Plagiarism is bad. Do NOT do it.

    1. Plagiarism is bad - I very much believe this.
      Thank you Cass.

  4. Good for you on sticking to your laurels. :)

    1. Thanks Donna. There is a lot of thoughts in my head and a lot of feelings in my heart but it boils down to what I've said in this post.

  5. Thank you for posting this. I was already a follower of your blog, but because of this, I always will be a follower of your blog. For the record, I have done the same things you have. Pulled my buttons and left the challenge and such. I couldn't have gone about it any other way. I can't support that. So thanks. :)

  6. Well said.
    Well executed.

    You'll still be my friend on Goodreads right?

    1. Of course I'm still your friend :)
      And thank you!

  7. I like the way you said that!

  8. I sent you an email ... pls pls pls read... it'll be from bayayrea_munkie@hotmail.com
    I don't want to put any drama in here by accident so I emailed you instead with my questions.
    Thank you Emily!! =)


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