Monday, April 16, 2012

Book Review: The Springsweet (The Vespertine #2) by Saundra Mitchell - spoiler free!

Reading Level: Young Adult
Publication Date: April 2012
Publisher: Harcourt
Pages: 275
Series: second in a trilogy
Acquisition: gifted an ARC by a friend

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My thoughts:
I was swept away and loved every minute of it! Saundra Mitchell has such a way about her when she's crafting a story. You don't even realize what she's doing - drawing you in further and further until her characters are as near and dear to you as your oldest friends.

After reading book 1, The Vespertine, I had high hopes for The Springsweet. I was worried about how much I could enjoy reading about Zora, who we first meet in book 1. I didn't love her has a supporting character so...a whole book about her? I wasn't so sure.

I had nothing to be afraid of because not only did I grow to love Zora, I fell in love all over again with the world Saundra has created in this series. Technically, I do believe The Springsweet is a companion novel, rather then a straight out sequel? I guess you could read it without having read The Vespertine but I think your experience would be slightly off and not nearly as fulfilling. I see this book as book 2 in the series and I'm hoping book 3, due out next year, will bring the entire story together in a fantastic way!

Final verdict:
Historical and magical with just the right amounts of romance and mystery, The Springsweet is a book that is a must read for fans of Saundra and The Vespertine. If you haven't picked up this series yet, I recommend to do. Rich and inviting, I could very much feel myself walking side by side with Zora as she discovers her powers.

Can't wait for book 3!

Overall Rating:
5 / 5 Stars

Books in The Vespertine Series:
#1 The Vespertine
#2 The Springsweet
#3 Aetherborne (2013)

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