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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Short Story Review: Prophet by Jennifer Bosworth

E-novella / Short Story
Struck #0.5
April 2012 from Tor

Some men are born monsters . . . others are made so. In “Prophet,” Rance Ridley, the teenage son of a cult leader, lives on an isolated compound, disconnected from modern civilization. There is no running water. No electricity. And no law but the Prophet’s. When Rance is caught in an act of flagrant disobedience, his father delivers the ultimate punishment, and Rance is set on a course that will change everything. ‘Prophet’ is a disturbing glimpse into the past of the villain of Jennifer Bosworth’s debut novel, Struck. (from Goodreads)

My Thoughts:
A born monster? Maybe.
Purely upbringing? Possibly.
Scary as hell villain? Oh yeah!

A first I felt sorry for Rance but that sorry was quickly replaced. Getting this small peak into exactly what he is capable of was awesome.

I was already excited to read Struck, but after reading Prophet, I couldn't wait to dive in. Rance is a powerful character and after getting a glimpse of his disturbing nature, I can't wait to see what havoc he can cause.

Extras? no

Will I continue the series? Yes!

Worth the price? It's free if you read it on Tor.com or you can pay $.99 for the Kindle or Nook version. Either way, I would have to say yes, the price it worth it.

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