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Monday, June 11, 2012

BEA Recap - short and sweet!

I'm back!!!

NYC was awesome, my roommates were awesome, BEA was awesome, spending time with my family was awesome -- so much awesomeness in fact, that I'm falling asleep while I type this :)

I got home yesterday and to say I'm tired would be an understatement. But it's a good kind of tired and even as I'm falling asleep I'm itching to get all my books unpacked and pet them neatly place them on my shelves.

And speaking of petting...that did actually happen...but that's a story for another time....

So! To recap

Some good things were said at the Book Blogger's Convention (I took notes) but the only thing I can think of right now is Jennifer Weiner quote of "Don't poke the crazy" -- a good rule of thumb for many aspects of life.

Not sure if the BBC was worth the money or the time...I'm still thinking things over actually. Some of the panels were interesting but I'm not sure I learned much. I wish the breakfast and lunch author meet and greets were organized a little better and I wish bloggers were able to pair off more by genre. If it's held again next year? Unless some changes are made, I don't see myself going.

Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday on the exhibit floor were filled with TONS of fantastic people. The publicists were wonderful, the bloggers (both new to me and old friends) were wonderful and the authors were amazing.

I can honestly say that my experience was pretty perfect. Aside from some cranky moments on my part (mostly due to a fall I took that messed up my knee more then I realized) I didn't let things bother me much so it was easy to go with the flow. Even when that flow was crushing me (to death! ;)

My favorite moment? Meeting this guy!
R.L. STINE!!!!!!
nuff said

This was my 3rd BEA but it was the first year I was invited to a few publisher events. No pics of those (I am sooooo bad at taking pictures). Not gonna lie, it felt pretty amazing being invited and I had a great time!

I was also invited to an awesome rooftop party. Me and rooftops? Not so much! This is as close as I would get:
Seriously, if I had gotten any closer to the edge of the roof I would have lost my s**t.

The views were pretty spectacular though and the food was decorated with book cover toothpicks! I wanted to steal them all!

All in all, my BEA was pretty amazing.. I told myself I wasn't going to come home with as many books as I did last year and I'm pretty sure I didn't. I did pick up a few that I don't think I'll be reading but those are going straight to my local teen librarian.

And speaking of the books, that post will be up soon!

It's good to be back - hope you guys had a great week :)


  1. Woooow. What fun! Thanks for the pictures.
    TOOO cool that you met RLS!
    So how did you get invited?
    Was that in person or ahead of time.
    Are you afraid of heights?
    Either way, awesome pics and recap.

    1. RL Stine was signing copies of his new adult book - I got to talk with him for a few minutes and he was awesome and hilarious!

      And yes, I am very afraid of heights!

  2. It was awesome to meet you at BEA - so glad you had a great time! Work on that picture-taking! *grin*

    1. It was so good to meet you too! Yeah...pictures...gotta work on that :)

  3. Haha yes you petted me and I think Meagan Spooner. There could be more....

    It was great seeing you again this year!

    1. I tried to keep the petting under control this year ;)

      Great to see you again too!

  4. It was a crazy four days, that's for sure! It was great meeting you, hope to see you again next year.

    1. Same here :) I'm already looking forward to next year

  5. Sounds like you had an awesome time. I was luckily able to make it into the city for a few hours on Tuesdays and Thursday mornings and it was so much fun! Hope your knee is better!

  6. BEA was pretty awesome, wasn't it? Was so excited to be invited to parties this year, but am kicking myself that I didn't think to take pictures. Was great meeting you at the HarperCollins get together!

    Looking forward to seeing what books you managead to snag! And as someone with bad knees, hope yours is feeling better!

    1. I really wish I had taken more pictures.
      There is always next year!

  7. Awesome. :) I'm glad I was able to run into you again this year!

  8. So glad you were able to join us for the Rooftop Party! So much fun! And I love your pix of the fruit and flags. I didn't take one, so it's great to see it on the net! Those flags took quite awhile to make, but it was so worthwhile. Hope to see you again! Liza

    1. Thank you so much for the invite Liza! The flags were fabulous - a really nice touch :)
      Hope to see you again too.

  9. I heard mostly negative things about the blogger con--I'm kind of glad I didn't bother going, tbh ;P

    Oh, I did not know about your knee! I hope you're okay :(

    HAH, don't worry about not taking pictures...I only two 2? My camera was acting up and didn't want to work; I really need a new camera :/ Ooo, you went to the rooftop party! Nice ;) I was only invited to one event but I couldn't even go so I missed out on it, sigh. Were all the pub events you went to invite-only?

    Anyway, it was really nice to see you this year! I hope we can hang out more NEXT year :)


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