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Red House Books is going through a bit of a update!

I've always had a pretty clear vision of what I wanted this space to be but I've been detoured from my path by...lots and lost of other people's opinions and ways of doing things...

I'm committed to this little chunk of the interweb but I've also branched out into other places so! Now it's time to think of Red House Books as more of a hub of all things me! And Me is a hell of a lot of book love!

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Wednesday, July 8, 2009


*Very behind in updating! Current up to June 2010*

Alender, Katie - Bad Girls Don't Die
Armstrong, Kelley - The Summoning
Armstrong, Kelley - The Awakening
Applegate, K.A. - Everworld

Black, Holly - Tithe
Bradley, Marion Zimmer - The Gratitude of Kings
Brodien-Jones, Christine - The Owl Keeper
Bodeen, S.A. - The Gardener
Brown, Lisa and Adele Griffin - Picture The Dead

Collins, Suzanne - The Hunger Games
Carman, Patrick - Skeleton Creek
Carman, Patrick - Atherton The Dark Planet
Carman, Patrick - Thirteen Days to Midnight
Cabot, Meg - Jinx
Colfer, Eoin - The Supernaturalist 
Colfer, Eoin - The Wish List 
Colfer, Eoin - Artemis Fowl: The Graphic Novel 
Crewe, Megan - Give Up The Ghost
Cusick, Richie Tankersley - Teacher's Pet
Colvin, S.R.R. - The Krybosian Stairpath

De La Cruz, Melissa - Blue Bloods
Dashner, James - The Maze Runner
Davis, Heather - Never Cry Werewolf
Dolamore, Jaclyn - Magic Under Glass
Despain, Bree - The Dark Divine
Dunlap, Susanne - Anastasia's Secret
Doerr, Bonnie J. - Island Sting


Farmer, Penelope - Charlotte Sometimes

George, Jessica Day - Sun and Moon, Ice and Snow
Gay, Kelly - The Better Part of Darkness
Gibson, Marley - Ghost Huntress Book 1
Griffin, Adele and Lisa Brown - Picture the Dead

Hurley, Tonya - Ghostgirl
Howe, Katherine - The Physick Book of Deliverance Dane
Hawes, Jason and Grant Wilson - Ghost Hunting
Hoffman, Alice - Green Angel 
Harvey, Alyxandra - Hearts at Stake
Harvey, Alyandra - Blood Feud
Haines, Lise - Girl in the Arena
Hinds, Gareth - The Merchant of Venice: The Graphic Novel
Hall, Teri - The Line
Hayter, Rhonda - The Witchy Worries of Abbie Adams
Henderson, Jason - Alex Van Helsing: Vampire Rising
Hawkins, Rachel - Hex Hall
Hopcus, Anastasia - Shadow Hills


Junger, Sebastian - A Death in Belmont
Jones, Carrie - Need
Jones, Carrie - Captivate

Kilborn, Jack - Afraid
Klavan, Andrew - The Last Thing I Remember
Kagawa, Julie - The Iron King
Kagawa, Julie - The Iron Daughter
Kizer, Amber - Meridian
Keswick, Kitty - Freaksville
Kaye, Marilyn - Demon Chick

Lowry, Lois - The Giver
Larbalestier, Justine - Liar 
Littke, Lael - Prom Dress

MacCullough, Carolyn - Once a Witch
Marr, Melissa - Wicked Lovely: Desert Tales Vol 1 Sanctuary
Marr, Melissa - Radiant Shadows
McMann, Lisa - Wake
Morris, Paula - Ruined
Mechner, Jordan - Prince of Persia: The Graphic Novel
Meyer, Stepheine - The Host
Mitchell, Saundra - Shadowed Summer 
Montgomery, L.M. - Anne Of Green Gables
Mantchev, Lisa - Eyes Like Stars
Mantchev, Lisa - Perchance to Dream
Malley, Gemma - The Returners
Murgia, Jennifer - Angel Star
Martin, Ann M. - Missing Since Monday
McBride, Kristina - The Tension of Opposites

Nadol, Jen - The Mark

O'Brien, Robert - The Secret of NIMH
Omololu, C.J. - Dirty Little Secrets

Peck, Richard - A Season of Gifts
Plum-Ucci, Carol - The Body of Christopher Creed
Pike, Christopher - Remember Me


Ryan, Carrie - The Forest of Hands of Teeth

St. Crow, Lili - Strange Angels
St. Crow, Lili - Betrayals
Stolarz, Laurie faria - Project 17
Stolarz, Laurie faria - Blue is for Nightmares
Stolaz, Laurie faria - Deadly Little Secret
Shusterman, Neal - Everlost
Selznick, Brian - The Invention of Hugo Cabret
Small, David - Stitches 
Sina, A.B. - Prince of Persia: The Graphic Novel 
Smith, L.J. - The Secret Circle Vol 1
Shinn, Sharon - Summers at Castle Auburn

The Harvard Lampoon - Nightlight
Turner, Max - Night Runner


Vincent, Rachel - My Soul to Take
Various - Love is Hell

Werlin, Nancy - Impossible
Wilson, Grant and Jason Hawes - Ghost Hunting
White, Amy Brecount - Forget-Her-Nots


Young, Suzanne - The Naughty List

Zevin, Gabrielle - Memoirs of a Teenage Amnesiac
Zevin, Gabrielle - Elsewhere