Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Spolier Free Review: The Awakening by Kelley Armstrong

*Spoiler Free reviews are reviews of 2nd (or 3rd or 4th) books in a series with no fear of spoilers!*

Title: The Awakening
Author: Kelley Armstrong
Publication Date: May 2009
Tags: ghosts, paranormal talents, urban fantasy
Age: 12+
Pages: 384
Series: 2nd Darkest Powers book
Book Acquisition: Library

My Rating: 4 / 5 Stars

Goodreads Synopsis
My Review:
If you read The Summoning then, like me, then  reading The Awakening was a must! The Darkest Power series are the only books by Kelley I have ever read but I'm thinking I might have to change that. I've become a big fan of her writing.

The Awakening picks up right where The Summoning left off. I liked this because I felt like I hasn't missed anything. The characters and their situations hadn't changed and I was still right there with them trying to figure out what was going on. The action is a little more intense in this second book and we get more background on the lives of the characters and their powers.

There were a few twists - some I saw coming and some I didn't. The story line wasn't necessarily predictable but at the same time it wasn't too far fetched or fantastical. Plain and simple, I liked this book and I plan on reading The Reckoning. I need to know what happens to Chloe and her friends (and enemies :)

I would recommend this book to fans of the first in the series and I would also recommend this series to fans of good YA paranormal, mystery and suspense books.

Darkest Powers Series:
The Summoning (July 2008)
The Awakening (May 2009)
The Reckoning (April 6, 2010)

Linkage Love:
Harper Teen
Author's Website

*For those of you who have read Kelley's adult Otherworld series, The Darkest Powers series is set in the same world but with different characters.


  1. I didn't love book one but you have me thinking I should try book two.

  2. I really like this series a lot. Chloe is a good female character.

  3. i bought this one a while back, this one should be my next read!

  4. I love mystery and suspense in books! Not a huge fan of the paranormal genre, but I'm sure this is a good read.

    from Une Parole

  5. Kelley Armstrong is sooo talented and she is always updating her twitter and her webpage! :)


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