Friday, February 19, 2010

Flashback Friday Review: The Gratitude of Kings by Marion Zimmer Bradley

Flashback Friday is a feature were I'll review a book that I read as a teen, reread now years later :)

Title: The Gratitude of Kings
Author: Marion Zimmer Bradley
Publication Date: December 1997
Originally Read: early 1998

Lythande, a centuries-old magician with a secret, is summoned to the wedding of an old friend. But from the moment she arrives, deadly court intrigue ensues, sounding a warning of danger deep in her soul. And with the future of the kingdom at stake, she finds she must rely on a very different kind of magic than her own, one born of a friendship and faith stronger than any sorcery....

I was in college when I first read this book. I have a very distinct memory of sitting in my boyfriend's dorm room. It was his book and I loved MZB so I borrowed it. It's actually a short story - only about 100 pages or so.

I will always remember this book and it's for a pretty silly reason. Soon after reading this book I set up my very first email account (ok - I think they gave me one in college but no one every used it so it doesn't count :) I can remember sitting at my friends computer staring at the "Welcome to Hotmail" screen. I couldn't for the life of me think of a user name. I finnally decided on
Eirthe is Lythande's very good friend - she's a candle maker whose best friends are fiery salamanders. I loved her character and I loved her name so I stole it :)

Other email addresses have come and gone but eirthe as remained. Granted, I don't use it that often and I'm pretty sure no one of importance sends me email here but still. It was my first and I'll keep it forever :)

As far as The Gratitude of Kings goes - it's a really good story. Like I said, it's short but this doesn't take away from the tale. It's pure fantasy with the all elements fans of MZB have come to expect. I really wish it were longer. I feel in love with the characters - especially Lythande and Eirthe.

I found this book at my local library this week and I'm so glad I did. Fantasy is my true love - in pretty much any form. This short story is a true gem and I plan on getting my own copy soon so I can read it whenever I want :)

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