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Monday, January 3, 2011

Spoiler Free Review: The Darkest Edge of Dawn by Kelly Gay

*Spoiler Free reviews are reviews of 2nd (or 3rd or 4th) books in a series  - 
with no fear of spoilers!*

Publication Date: August 2010
Pages: 384
Series: 2nd in a series
Acquisition: received a finished copy for review

Goodreads link

My thoughts:
It was pretty easy to fall in love with the dark and chaotic world Kelly created in The Better Part of Darkness - book 1 of the series. It was even more enjoyable to slip back into that world in this second installment.

Charlie is still kicking ass, Hank is just as sexy and frustratingly arrogant and the action is still top notch. Oh man, and sooo many lines are crossed! It was fabulous! And sexy! And heart pounding! And did I mention sexy? Gotta say, there were a few passages I found myself reading over again for the second (and maybe third) time.

A little edgier then book 1 maybe, but it worked for the story. The plot moved a long fast but I didn't feel like I was lost in the action.

Hank really made this book for me. I know he's a siren and we are suppose to fall in love with him but OMG! (do I need to say sexy again?)

Final verdict:
Loved it! Will read it again (and not just those parts).

Have to say it - while I would put book 1 in the PG-13 category, book 2 would have to get an R rating. These are adult books though so any teen (and hopefully any adult caretaker of said teen) who picks this up would know what they might be getting themselves into.

For my adult readers - if you're looking for a break from YA for a while, I highly recommend Kelly Gay's Charlie Madigan series. Fantasy mixed with modern city life - part surreal mystery, part solid crime fighting -- all a perfect blend for me!

While The Darkest Edge of Dawn didn't end on a cliff hanger, per say, there is still a TON of this story yet to be told! More Charlie and more Charbydons and more Elysians and more Hank...yeah...lots more Hank would be nice!

Overall Rating:
5 / 5 Stars

Books in the Charlie Madigan Series:
The Better Part of Darkness
The Darkest Edge of Dawn
The Hour of Dust and Ashes -- coming soon!

Linkage Love:
Pocket Press / Simon and Schuster
Author's Website

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