Monday, January 10, 2011

Can you tell me? Answers

It's been forever since I posted my last Can you tell me? -- bad me!

In case you are scratching your heads, here is a breakdown on what exactly it is I'm talking about:

In the course of blogging, learning the ropes, trying to get a handle on Twitter, I have discovered that I have a lot of questions about random things.
Occasionally, I'm going to pose a question to you. Something random but bloggy / social networky / techy in nature most likely. (what? those are all real words, I swear)
I'll post up answers in a few days - cause, maybe you don't know the same things I don't know?
 My last question was:

Is there anyway to know the URL link of a post BEFORE it goes live?

Using Blogger? The quick answer?

No, not really.

You can try to use the standard formula - of:
blog url / year / month number / post title separated with - . html OR


Is this really a standard formula? And, how / when does blogger cut off the title? And, what if you have two posts with the same title in the same month?

You can publish your post - with the exact title you want - and then unpublish by saving it as a draft and editing it later. But it will appear in your RSS feed.

You can create a dummy private test blog and write up your post exactly as you would want it to appear and publish it and copy the URL and then copy the HTML of that post and post it in your real blog and change the blog name in the saved URL to your actual blog name and then you have what the URL would, what? Yeah, that's what I said.


You can go with what I'm going with -- NO, currently, there is no way in Blogger to know the permalink to a post before it is published.

Thanks for hanging in there with me guys as I worked this out.

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