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Sunday, July 24, 2011

NetGalley Month Mini Challenge + Twitter Chat Update!

Hey guys!
I've been a bit MIA in the world of blogging this week. Some scary and sudden 'real life' issues have come up that have totally scrambled my brain and my ability to make coherent sentences. 
One of the few good things to come out of the last week and a half has been my book consumption -- including some tasty NetGalley reads.

Hope to get back in the swing of things soon but in the mean time I have some NetGalley Month announcements and updates :)

The lovely Lindsey Rudnickas, NetGalley's own Digital Concierge will be joining me, and hopefully all of you, for a NetGalley Twitter Chat.

When: Friday July 29th at 5pm EST
Where: Twitter - using the hashtag #NetGalleyMonth

We can chat about what we've been reading, gush about how much we love NetGalley and most importantly, ask Lindsey any questions we may have.

You can check out NetGalley April's twitter chat questions and answers for a look at what's it's all about.

And if you haven't already, check out NetGalley's Blog announcement :)

*As of today there are about 65 people signed up! Awesome!

If you've been reading NetGalley books all month but haven't declared yet - do it now. If you haven't been reading NetGalley books this month but think you can squeeze in one before the month is over, declare yourself now.

*Remember to keep track of all your reading and be ready to report back to me in August ;)

In case you forgot, 2 lucky NetGally Month participants will be receiving $15 worth of books from The Book Depository (as long as they ship to your country). Simply declaring yourself gave you 1 entry in the giveaway.
Want to earn more points? Of course you do ;)

Do one or all of the following - only stipulation is that you must comment on this post (with the same comment name you declared yourself with) and include links if applicable.

*Tweet about NetGalley July 
Use the hashtag #NetGalleyMonth and/or @WilowRedHouse AND this link: http://redhousebooks.blogspot.com/2011/06/in-which-i-declare-july-to-be-netgalley.html
+1 for each tweet -- once a day only please -- comment and link after each tweet

*Tweet about the Twitter Chat 
Use the hashtag #NetGalleyMonth and/or @WilowRedHouse AND the link to this post (the one you are reading right now :)
+1 for each tweet -- once a day only please -- comment and link after each tweet

*Preform some personal NetGalley account maintenance
+1 for taking some time to really go through your NetGalley Active Review Requests and make updates (Archive books you've already upload reviews for, Mark as "Accepted" books you're going to read, ect.)
There is no way for me to check on what you've actually done so honor system here folks!

*Post your reviews
+1 for EACH review you post to your NetGalley account. Remember to write (or cut and paste your review and necessary information), click the "Review Completed" radio button AND click the orange "Save and Close" button
Again, please use the honor system!

*Submit a question for Lindsey
Can't make the twitter chat or afraid you will forget your burning questions before Friday? Ask me now. Comment with any and all questions you have and I'll ask Lindsey myself. Q and A transcript of the chat will be posted Friday night or Saturday so be sure to check back!
+1 for any and all questions asked - must be legitimate and NetGalley related. Only 1 point for this one but ask as many questions as you have (if you don't think you'll be joining us)


I think that's enough for my brain (and yours) for now!
As always, let me know if anything is unclear or if you have questions about anything :)

Happy (NetGalley Month) reading everyone!


  1. Gosh I feel like such a slacker! I didn't realize how much school would affect my reading but I've only read ONE netgalley book so far :P But I'll have to make it to this twitter chat though :)

  2. Ironically enough... I was doing cleanup this weekend!
    OMG the number of books that had been archived by the publisher that I didn't even get a chance to look at!!!! It's time for me to start really evaluating my *grabbiness*.
    +1 *Preform some personal NetGalley account maintenance
    +1 *Post your reviews

  3. +1 Perform Netgalley account maintenance
    +3 Add reviews to Netgalley (Cat's Tale, When Christians Get It Wrong, and Rakes and Radishes, all of which had been recently posted on my blog).

    Excited about the chat; not sure if I can participate but I'm trying to think up some questions.

  4. I tweeted about July being NetGalley month here: https://twitter.com/#!/Stella_ExLibris/status/95628628724940800

    stella.exlibris (at) gmail (dot )com

  5. I also tweeted about the Twitter chat here: https://twitter.com/#!/Stella_ExLibris/status/95629309510811648

    stella.exlibris (at) gmail (dot )com

  6. I posted my review of Seduction & Scandal by Charlotte Featherstone here: http://www.bookloversinc.com/2011/07/review-seduction-scandal-by-charlotte.html

    stella.exlibris (at) gmail (dot )com

  7. I've spent several hours trying to put some order in my NG account. Unfortunately I think this aspect is the onyl one where NG could still improve: it takes so long to have to archive every book one at a time, why can't we have checkboxes and select several at a time?

    So yeah, even before I knew it was a "task" I took it upon myself to clean my account a bit :-)

    stella.exlibris (at) gmail (dot )com

  8. I would like to ask Lindsey about a technical matter which arose when I was cleaning my NG account: is there any way to delete titles even from my archive page? It makes the page so cumbersome and long, why can't I delete those which have already been archived by the publisher and I haven't reviewed? (Or maybe there is a way I just don't know about it)

    Thank you! :-)

    stella.exibris (at) gmail (dot )com

  9. I posted some more reviews till the beginning of July:


    stella.exibris (at) gmail (dot )com

  10. And another posted review:


    stella.exibris (at) gmail (dot )com

  11. And the last review I posted so far:


    I've read quite more but didn't get around to draft the reviews yet.

    stella.exibris (at) gmail (dot) com

  12. Hi!
    Right now I have:
    +4 for reviews done and posted on NetGalley and my blog.
    +1 for NetGalley account maintenance (actually, thanks, I didn't know I could do that^^U)
    + for question:
    Dear Lindsey, a couple of weeks ago I requested two galleys and both of them were accepted but I received two galleys per each book, do I have to post my review of the books twice? Or I just need to submit one and the other can be deleted? Thanks in advance.

    And thanks to you Emily for creating this awesome challenge! :D
    Just in case my e-mail is: alaiel.kreuz (at) gmail.com

    Alaiel @ Librarian Mouse (www.librarianmouse.com)

  13. I've posted 8! reviews so far.

    Thankfully i've been Archiving regularly, but have been slacking with clicking on accept, simply because it is very cumbersome. I am with the Stella in wondering if there could be a more efficiant way to go about archiving and marking books as to review once we recieve the galley. A radio button for archive and one for accept would encourage more timely updating.

    Off to tweet..

  14. I just had some inspiration on the way to work this morning about things I would like you to ask Lindsey :-)

    Lindsey, when did you first hear of ebooks and were you immediately for the idea or were you a bit sceptical?

    What kind of ereader do you have?

    So far I have these two, but could I please make a reader's suggestion to NG: the reviews dashboard isn't very user friendly, amybe if you had some survey we could help make it easier to use.

  15. +1 for performing my maintenance :)

  16. +1 for a review for Sharks & Boys :)

  17. +1 for a review of Putting Makeup on Dead People :)

  18. +1 NetGalley account maintenance
    +1 Tweet: http://twitter.com/Mariana_s89/statuses/96640001995046912


  19. So I tweeted about the chat http://twitter.com/#!/StuckInBooks/status/96695176885575680

    I did NetGalley maintenance.

    I posted 9 reviews on NetGalley - here's my wrap-up post http://www.stuckinbooks.com/2011/07/july-is-netgalley-month-wrap-up.html

    Declared myself on twitter as @StuckInBooks

    Posted at StuckInBooks.com

    Thanks for this - I'm all caught up on NetGalley books and it feels great!


  20. Hi!

    +1 Tweet about the Twitter Chat : http://twitter.com/#!/magabygc/status/96755664516427776

    +1 Preform some personal NetGalley account maintenance // I updated the books I will read and the ones I am not reading....I actually thought that little detail wasn't important!

    *Posted my reviews on NetGalley! (and my blog)

    +1 Lost Voices by Sarah Porter (http://oh-my-books.blogspot.com/2011/07/book-review-lost-voices-by-sarah-porter.html)
    +1 How To Seduce a Scoundrel by Vicky Dreiling (http://oh-my-books.blogspot.com/2011/07/book-review-how-to-seduce-scoundrel-by.html)
    +1 The Taming of a Rake by Kasey Michaels (http://oh-my-books.blogspot.com/2011/07/book-review-taming-of-rake-by-kasey.html)
    +1 By His Majesty's Grace by Jennifer (http://oh-my-books.blogspot.com/2011/07/book-review-by-his-majestys-grace-by.html)

    Thanks for organizing the NetGalley month. It has been fun!
    magabygc at gmail.com

  21. I just posted another review on NetGalley (and my blog:

    +1 The Last Little Blue Envelope by Maureen Johnson (http://oh-my-books.blogspot.com/2011/07/book-review-last-little-blue-envelope.html)

    magabygc at gmail.com

  22. When I finish a book, I always post my review as soon as its written and then archive the title. I am all about account maintenance.


    A Reader of Fictions


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