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Thursday, July 7, 2011

NetGalley July - Checking in + EXTRA GIVEAWAY ENTRY

Hi guys! With 1 week of July already finished, I wanted to check in with you to see how everyone's NetGalley July is going.

Have you signed up yet? THERE IS STILL TIME :) 

So far, we have about 40 people participating. This is great but I bet we can do better...no? ;)

For an extra entry in the giveaway, tweet the following:

#NetGalleyMonth is here! Join @WilowRedHouse and declare yourself now! http://bit.ly/nUK4tQ Please RT :)

Leave a link in the comments below when you're done :)

Remember to Declare Yourself first if you haven't already!

You can tweet as many times as you like (but let's say no more then once a day) between now and the end of the month. Each comment / tweet will earn you an extra point.

I've gotten 1 books finished and I'm almost done with a 2nd. Me thinks me need to step it up a bit! How about you?


  1. Ugh.. haven't even gotten one done yet because I got my paws on a copy of Original Sin by Lisa Desrochers! LOL Almost done with that, though. Oh... I tweeted the message, too :)

  2. Tweeted! https://twitter.com/#!/javaintheam/status/89158101999173632

  3. Tweeted: http://twitter.com/#!/bookworm1858/status/89158753261334528

    I've only read two and started a third; so far it's been a lackluster reading month for me. Hoping to finish two more Netgalley books this weekend.

  4. I haven't even finished one yet! Work is insane... Tweeted it too!

  5. Ugh, I haven't finished any yet either, but that's because my Harry Potter reread is my priority right now. As soon as that's over though (only one more week, eeeeek!!!), I'm all about NetGalley. :)

  6. I haven't finished one yet either but that will change soon!

  7. Tweeted:

    I've read two so far.... With MANY more to go!

  8. Hey I am participating too :-)
    I have read 3 books but they were with few pages :-S

  9. I finished Tris and Izzie. I tweeted: http://twitter.com/#!/mekyser/status/89512630166884353

  10. I'm tweeting right about ...now.

    And I've got one galley half read and another (graphic novel) partly read. But am not going to really get going till Monday. Birthday party for a three year old at my house tomorrow, so I am a wee bit crazed.

  11. Just tweeted - http://twitter.com/#!/urbangirlreader/status/89682959275266049

    I've read one of my books. I just need to write the review and close that request. I think the review writing is often more difficult than the reading part. :-)

  12. K and I have both read and reviewed 1. Mine was a complete flop though... I have 3 more books to read for tours and specific reviews and the like and then I can read a couple more. :D

    My tweet: https://twitter.com/#!/BaffledBooks/status/89693008458547200 :)

  13. I finished one, and am working on two more. They will be on the blog in the next few weeks.

    How do I get the link for my tweet?

  14. So far I have read 3 NetGalley books, yay! :-D

    +1 also tweeted here on July 10: https://twitter.com/#!/Stella_ExLibris/status/90000278878830592

    Thank you Emily for organizing it again! :-D yay!

    stella.exlibris (at) gmail (dot) com

  15. I did an update post, but I've finished two - The Trap and The Cellar.

    also tweeted: http://twitter.com/#!/justkeepreading/status/90059362512535552

  16. Tweeted: https://twitter.com/danijohns/status/90156092935503872

    Even though I signed up recently I already read 1 book and wrote it's review. Yay!

  17. Tweeted again: https://twitter.com/#!/Stella_ExLibris/status/91177977945133056

    And I've read +1 more :-D

    stella.exlibris (at) gmail (dot) com

  18. I just found out about this. How did I miss it way back when?

    I agree with Sherri, often the review is harder than the reading, and sometimes takes me longer.

    I have read ? books this month. I have read (10) much more than I have the reviews (2) done for.

    How are these counted? By read or by reviewed? All will get reviewed, but maybe not by end of July.

  19. Tweeted once more here: https://twitter.com/#!/Stella_ExLibris/status/95628628724940800

    stella.exlibris (at) gmail (dot) com


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