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Friday, April 15, 2011

NetGalley Twitter Chat Q&A

Tonight's NetGalley Twitter chat was a roaring success! At least I think so ;)

Below are the questions posed by participants and the answers given by the lovely Lindsey from NetGalley. Lots of awesome info!

Two of my favorite things announced tonight:
*NetGalley will be at BEA this year! (announced by Lindsey)
*NetGalley July is a go! (announced by me!)

So, if you're going to BEA this year be sure to read below for info on meeting with some wonderful NetGalley folks and if you weren't able to participate in NetGalley April with me, plan to join in in July! More info to come ;)

Both questions and answers have been summarized and / or expanded on for clarity. For a word by word 'transcript' search for #NetGalleyApril on Twitter


Q: Is there a limit on the number of galleys a publisher will approve?
A: Not all publishers have an exact number of galleys they approve, some do. It's publisher and title specific.

Q: Is there a set time a blog needs to be up and running before requesting a galley?
A: Some publishers have preferences about how long you've been blogging - be sure to check the Publisher's Preference page for specifics -- http://www.netgalley.com/about/publisher-prefs/

Q: When was NetGalley created?
A: NetGalley began as a start-up but Firebrand assumed control in December 2008. Things really started rolling after that and recently NetGalley has been making a big effort to interact with the reading/blogger community.

Q: Does content of a review posted to NetGalley effect publishers decisions to approve future requests?
A: It definitely depends on the publishers. Some think any buzz is good, some want to use NG just for established reviewers.

Q: Where should be put the specific information that publishers are looking for such as blog 'reach' and statistics?
A: Defiantly include blog stats in the "Bio" field of your profile. The more information you give, the better - be sure to check the Publisher Preferences page to find out what types of info pubs are looking for. And remember to post your reviews!

Q: Do reviews ever get used [quoted] for anything else?
A: Maybe! Some publishers use blogger reviews for blurbs on press/marketing material or on their website, etc.

Q: Where should a review link be posted?
A: Anywhere in the text box when you use the Review functionality. Starting with your link and blog name and following with your review works well.

Q: Who as access to the information in our contact info and public bio?
A: No one but publishers can see your profile / bio information. And you can specify what you want to be shown -- email/address/phone/etc on the Bio page.

Q: Do you know what titles will be available in advance?
A: Sometimes, but usually publishers will upload galleys right before they make them available for requests. It's something NetGalley hopes to coordinate / promote more with publishers so members can see what titles are upcoming.

Q: Will anyone from NetGalley be at Book Expo America (BEA) this year?
A: Yes! At the Firebrand Technologies booth (booth #3718). There will be an announcement soon about a super cute/fun promotion. Also, Lindsey will be on the Technology for Blogging panel at the Book Blogger Convention on Friday.

Thanks again to Lindsey and everyone who participated!
If you have questions about NetGalley, don't hesitate to email or tweet Lindsey (support[at]netgalley.com / @NetGalley)


  1. Very neat! I am really liking NetGalley. I'm a new blogger/reviewer, but a couple of the publishers have already given me a chance.

    I love all of the information in this post! Thanks!

    Jennifer of Little Shelf

  2. I missed the chat, but thanks for posting this Q&A here! I haven't been able to get through as many Netgalley books as I wanted to this month, but there is still time. If I make it to BEA (I really hope I will) I'll be sure to stop by the Firebrand booth and say hi :)


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