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Saturday, July 2, 2011

In My Mailbox - July 2, 2011

In My Mailbox is hosted by The Story Siren :)

IMM Vlog in which I admit to some guilty pleasures and gush about the awesomeness of a. thank you cards and b. the month of July

Awesomeness mentioned!
Cialina from Muggle-Born.Net

(book links are to Goodreads)

Books Bought:
*Dracula The Un-Dead: The Sequel to the Original Classic by Dacre Stoker and Ian Holt
*Dirty Secret: A Daughter Comes Clean About Her Mother's Compulsive Hoarding by Jessie Sholl
*A Need so Beautiful (aka SUPPER SHINNY BOOK OF THE WEEK!) by Suzanne Young

*The Other Side: A Teen's Guide to Ghost Hunting and the Paranormal by Marley Gibson, Patrick Burns and Dave Schrader

For Review:
*Open Wounds by Joseph Lunievicz
*Sally's Bones by MacKenize Cadenhead
*The Warrior Sheep Go West by Christine and Christopher Russell
*The Ultimate Top Secret Guide to Taking Over The World by Kenn Nesbitt, Illustrations by Ethan Long
*Relic Master: The Dark City by Catherine Fisher
*Dead Rules by Randy Russell

Big Thanks to: Cialina, Joseph Lunievicz + JKS Communications, Sourcebooks, Big Honcho Media

So, what's in your mailbox?


  1. Ooh you got some awesome books this week :) So jealous you have A Need So Beautiful, it sounds sooo good :) Dead Rules also sounds good, can't wait to hear what you think about it! Hope you enjoy all of these, happy reading!

  2. haha, you're so cute with your "guilty pleasures" - nothing to feel guilty about!

    A Need So Beautiful really is super shiny, hope you enjoy reading it!

  3. Aw I'm so glad you got the thank you card. :) and YES! you said my name right.

    Also, A Need So Beautiful does look really good (and shiny!)

  4. I got "A Need So Beautiful" from Audible yesterday and will be listening to it on my commute. I'm about an hour in and it's amazing! I have no idea how things are going to go, but my heart's in my throat.

    Hope you like it! New follower here!

    My IMM

  5. I really want to get A Need So Beautiful. I've heard its AMAZING!!! I bought Dead Rules last week and I can't wait to read it. You know, right after I catch up on my review copies. :) Enjoy all your lovely books and have a wonderful week!


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