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Saturday, May 29, 2010

In My Mailbox - May 29, 2010 BEA Edition

In My Mailbox is hosted by The Story Siren :) Although, I do not believe she is posting this week.

BEA was pretty fabulous. The energy of having that many book lovers in the same space was amazing.

Here's what I got:


Some more paperbacks

Signed hardcovers and ARCs - the authors I meet (you know, for all of 5 seconds or so) were so nice!

Some great swag

Also got some other goodies for my contest which will actually end tomorrow! Link is above.

Still sooo tired!

So, what's in your mailbox?


  1. Oooooooooo Halo and Siren!
    I'm greeen :)

    So how was BEA? Meet cool gals?

  2. What a wonderful blog. Looks like you received lots of great books.
    Kelly Bookend Diaries

  3. Awesome haul!! :D I'm salivating here.

  4. PLAIN KATE!!! I want :D

    I spy with my little eye... Clockwork angel! Nice! I know a lot of people were salivating over that one, lol. And Spy Glass! It looks really pretty :) Yeah, I loved having so many book-lovers in one building-the energy was incredible! (btw, it is the Pirate Penguin-the girl who was stupid and wore long sleeves when it was 90 degrees. Mhmmm.)

  5. I was too late for Siren :( And I'll never understand how I possibly missed out on Virals. Going to have to beg a copy off one of you lucky guys after you're done with it.

    Finally finished typing up my post. I think. I already had to edit it 3 times to add ebooks and other stuff I forgot. Hope to get it up by tomorrow. If my review shelf doesn't crumble and I'm killed under a pile of books. I've seriously run out of room.

  6. OMG! Complete book heaven! Hope you enjoy them all:)

  7. I.AM.SO.JEALOUS! You BEA attendees are super lucky. I would love to go one day. Enjoy all of these amazing books! :D

  8. AWESOME PILE. I wish I had gotten to see you! My phone stopped working multiple times at BEA, otherwise I would've texted you.

  9. *coughs* erm wow, I dont know where to start with this amazing pile of books, or should I say piles of books. So, I will start here, you got Clockwork Angel you lucky sonova gun, I am supremlely excited this book is descending on the book world! Enjoy

  10. Oooo I so want Spy Glass - I hope they have it at ALA! Very jealous!

  11. Wow! You were able to get so many great books. I hope you had a blast at BEA :D I'm hoping I can make it next year.

  12. Oh my! There are so many titles that I want to rad in those piles. Good work! You'll have books to read for months to come.

  13. Is there anything you didn't get?? Awesome! Great meeting you at BEA.

  14. AHHHH! You have the 2 I wanted most! *ahem* Sorry, BEA & books in general tend to have me excited.

    Awesome collection!

  15. Awesome collection of books! You did much better than I did! :)

    Enjoy all of your new books!

  16. AMAZING! I'm soo jealous! Enjoy reading


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