Wednesday, May 19, 2010

BEA anyone? Who's with me?

It's almost here! Book Expo America is coming!!! Ah!!!!!!!

Ok, only freaking out a little bit. There are some things I'm not worried about -- I grew up on Long Island and my parents are still there. That means, free room and board and some knowledge on how NYC works and how to get around. What I am worried about is....what if I get there and my extreme shyness kicks in and I run to a corner and stay there all day :(
Ok, this probably won't happen but still - what if!!

So, I would love to know if any of you guys are going. Thanks to twitter (which I am beginning to love even if I don't fully understand it yet) I know of some of you who will be at BEA next week. But who else?

Are you going? Do you want to try and meet up? Yes? Could you fill out the form below? I don't remember which blogger I saw do this first but I thank you for the idea!


Thanks a bunch for visiting :)