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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Can you tell me?

Lately, in the course of blogging, learning the robes, trying to get a handle on Twitter, I have discovered that I have a lot of questions about random little things. So I though - why don't I ask you guys?!

Weekly, or monthly or really whenever I feel like it I'm going to pose a question to you. Something random but bloggy / social netowrky / techy in nature most likely. (what? those are all real words, I swear).

I'll post up everyone's answers in a few days - cause, maybe one of you doesn't know the same things I don't know....you know?

This week, I ask you:

Can you tell me...in Blogger, is there an easy way to rename your labels once you make them? I currently don't have my labels visible but I have been thinking about it. I would love to clean up my labels and am hoping I don't have to go into each post to make changes.

Sorry for any readers out there that don't use Blogger and probably have no idea what I'm talking about! Hopefully I made some sense to some of you though :)



  1. I am not sure if you would call this easy... but you can change your labels. Go to your "Edit Posts" area. If you are wanting to create new labels, then use the drop down box titled "Label Actions" to do so. Unfortunately, I haven't found a way to rename them, but if you make a new one and change over any posts related to that label it will go away. Then it is just a matter of using the check boxes to select the posts which you are wanting to change, and picking the label.

    Hope that makes sense and if helpful :)

  2. I'm with Kate. I don't think there is. I always just make a new one, move them all to the new one, and then delete the old label.

  3. I change labels all the time. Like Kate said go to "edit posts". You can click/check mark the posts you want to add a label to. Then in the pull down menu you pick add label. Then it's added. You can do the same thing to remove labels. I find it really easy.


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