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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Read-A-Thon Activity #3: Share the Blog Love

Welcome to Read-A-Thon day number 3!
Have you all been reading your brains out? I think I've been doing pretty well myself :)

Today's activity is brought to you by Kate and I think it's a pretty cool one.

From Kate:

With new blogs popping up all the time, it is so hard to keep track with them all. So for today's activity, we are going to share the blog love.

To complete today's activity you must:

    * Create a post sharing with us 3 blogs that you love. They can be new, old, or just underappreciated.

    * Your post should include the blog's title, url link, and a small blurb about why you enjoy this blog so much.

    * Leave link to your post in Mr. Linky (on The Neverending Shelf) so that we can all see your picks. And hopefully, we can all discover a few new blogs that we did not know about.

Non bloggers and participate as well - head over to Kate's for more info.

Here are my picks!

Good Books & Wine -- April is supper sweet and I really enjoy visiting her blog :) Her reviews are honest and her posts feel more like conversations.

Rhiannon Hart -- Rhiannon is an Australian Blogger and I have found that we share a lot in common when it comes to books - like good horror, dystopian, fantasy and paranormal stories. 

Book Rat -- Misty is fun and spunky and I'm pretty sure I've loved everyone of her posts.

Ok - I'm really bad and talking about why I like things (have you read my reviews? :) BUT these 3 blogs really are fabulous and you should check them out.

Share the Blog Love!!


  1. I like all three of those too.

  2. Eeee! You just made me all warm and squishy! And I love Rhiannon's and April's, too! They are among the few that I always make sure to read, regardless of the amount of time I have.

    Spunky. I like that.

  3. Thanks for the suggestions- I'll be sure to check them all out! :)

  4. Oh thank you Wilow! And sorry I only just made it over here to find out. I'll be online a lot more now because summer is totally over here. Shame, but at least I can get back on track with my writing, reading and blogging. Thanks again for the blog love!


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