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Monday, July 9, 2012

Thank You

Blogoversary Celebration Day 1

When I first started blogging I knew almost nothing of the book blogging world. I had met someone via LibraryThing, a young reader who announced in a forum group that she had started a book blog. My first reaction was, what the hell is that? I knew what online blogging was but I always saw it as more of an online diary then anything else.

After visiting her blog and being one of her first followers I quickly found out that there was a whole new world out there. A world where not only did people love books as much as I did but they talked about it - all day - every day! I was in heaven.

Within a few days I had decided that yes, I did want to create a book blog - I picked a name (Red House Books), I picked a platform (Blogger) and I threw up my very first post!  I was in! This was great!

I could not have imagined the world that I was soon to become a part of and I could not imagine my life now, without the friends I have made a long the way.

I couldn't possibly thank every person that has helped me in some way over these last 3 years!
These are just a few people I couldn't imagine blogging without - in pretty much the order they entered my life :)

It's Paige's fault I'm a blogger today. If I hadn't asked her 3 years ago, what the hell a book blog was, Red House Books would never have been born. She doesn't blog anymore and I have no way of finding her again but I will always remember her!
Thank you Paige!

Kristen and Kate of The Book Monsters
Bookworming in the 21st Century and The Neverending Shelf were some of the first blogs I ever followed.
Kristen started blogging about the same time I did and her blog was always absolutely beautiful! While I was still discovering the wonders of what a template actually was, she was designing a masterpiece. She put so much work into blogging and she was always an inspiration to me.
Kate was ALWAYS there to help me out. Her skills are awesome and I can't tell you how many of her how-to posts I have saved and bookmarked. The help she has given me over the years has been priceless.
Both these lovely ladies now blog over at The Book Monsters and I love what their combined creative minds have produced!
Thank you Kristen and Kate!

Eleni of La Femme Readers
Eleni was the very first blogger I met in real life. BEA 2010 was a nervous and stressful event for me. Eleni called me the night before I headed to the Jacob Javists Center and we made plans to meet the next day. It was such a weight off my shoulders, knowing I had someone to hang out with! She quickly became a great friend and I can't think about these last 3 years without thinking of her.
Thank you Eleni!

Lexie of Poisoned Rationality
Lexie is one of the nicest people I have never met! I'll never forget my very first BEA walking the floor with her. Spring time in NY just wouldn't be the same without her :)
I'm constantly amazed at the power of her brain to recall facts and names and books and everything else in between.  Her geekiness rivals my own and I love her for it!
Thank you Lexie!

Cindy of Books Complete Me, Cindy Thomas  Aspiring YA Author and Tangled Up In Words
I met Cindy at the very first author event I ever went to. I didn't know a soul and as I'm pretty much the most awkward person you will ever met, I didn't have high hopes I making friends that day.
Cindy was the nicest person I could have ever hoped to have sit next to me! She was sweet and kind and I look forward to the times we can each get away for a little while and meet up.
She's a mom and a wife and a blogger and a writer and I don't know how she does it all! I can't wait to see her books sitting on my shelves one day :)
Thank you Cindy!

Nikki of Wicked Awesome Books
Nikki is another blogger I met at my first author event. I can remember thinking: What do you mean you live in NH? No one else lives in NH?! How very quickly did this astonishment turn to joy. Nikki and I have gone on many adventures together and she even lived through a week in NYC with me :)
She's a fantastic person and a great friend and absolutely love her blog.
Even if we both stopped blogging, I knew we would still be friends. Her love of reading and books is equal to my own and she's always there when I need her.
Thank you Nikki!

Danielle of Frenzy of Noise and Tangled Up In Words
Danielle is an amazing person and an amazing writer and her books will be sitting on my shelves one day :) She's fun and energetic and she's been another adventure companion! And after spending a week with me during BEA she's still my friend! I love the way her mind works and I love chatting with her.
She's far away now :( BUT she's still here in spirit!
Thank you Danielle!

~Coming up tomorrow: My Least Favorite Things About Blogging


  1. Ahhhh, Emily! You just made me cry! I adore you and I felt the exact same way you did when we met that day at Kim's signing. You were awesome then, and are even more awesome now. I'm lucky to have you as a friend and I look forward to many more excursions together. HUGE HUGS! <3

  2. Aww! You are so sweet Emily! I'm so glad we all started blogging around the same time and became quick blogging friends! :) What a great post and you are such a sweetie. If I ever make it to BEA we will totally hang out!

  3. Aw......You're so SWEET! I love you!!! I couldn't imagine life without you in my crazy friend! :)


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