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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

My Least Favorite Things About Blogging

Blogoversary Celebration Day 2

A list of my personal views on the anti-awesomeness that revolves around book blogging :)

The self doubt -- is my blog good enough? Am I good enough? Do people like me? IS ANYONE EVEN READING THIS!?

The self hate -- I didn't blog today and I 'should' have. I forgot to email someone back and I suck. I didn't feel like posting today, that must mean I'm not really devoted to blogging.

The drama -- did you hear it? Did you see that? I can't believe that happened! Someone on the Internet is wrong and I can't look away!

The freedom -- it belongs to everyone. Wrong deeds go 'unpunished'. Wrong people continue to be wrong. What YOU think doesn't always matter.

The books -- sometimes they suck. Sometimes you agree to read something or write something or look at something and you wish you hadn't.

The time suck -- blogging can't exist without the Internet and we all know the Internet can steal your soul away in 5 easy mindless clickty click click hours.

So - what do you hate about blogging? :)

~Coming up tomorrow: My Favorite Things About Blogging


  1. What a great list! Those are all perfect and I think we all feel them on some level.

  2. Most of those are the same issues I have. I always wonder if anyone is actually reading my posts. But then I think, I started this because I like to talk about what I'm reading, so that is all that matters. I also feel bad during the school year when I get backlogged with grading and teaching and don't have time to finish as many books, let alone blog about them. And the internet? Don't even get me started there. Such a waste of time sometimes!! Great post!

  3. I think you pretty much summed it up! Everyday I ask myself, why do I keep doing this? I'm not sure I have a good answer, yet I keep posting. Thanks for the list--it is amazingly accurate! :)

  4. OMG. Yes, the time suck. I can't believe how many hours I spend blogging or reading other blogs.

  5. I totally agree with all of those points. :) Especially time!

  6. Great list! And oh how I agree with so much of that... lol.. the drama seems to be at high lately especially... 0_o


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