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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

My Favorite Things About Blogging

Blogoversary Celebration Day 3

A list of my personal views on the awesomeness that revolves around book blogging :)

Other bloggers -- people who 'get you' - people who love what you love and aren't afraid of shouting it from the rafters - people who you can always turn to when your favorite character breaks your heart - people who you could have nothing in common with other then books and books will always be enough

The accessibility -- to The Rock Stars, aka authors. You invite them to visit your home (blog) and they come! They sit and they chat and they give you warm fuzzies. Or they say 'thank you' for a review. Or you meet them in real life and they remember you because they remember your blog!

The community -- not just with other bloggers but with readers from all over the world. And with the authors and the publishers who bring those books to life. And the publicists who work so hard because they care. And the people who maybe didn't even know what a book review blog was until you told them and now they can't get enough.

The freedom -- my blog is my home, my world, my creative space, my soapbox, my best friend, my cranky relative. It's mine and I can do whatever I want. People may love me, people may hate me but my blog will always be there. It's mine and it always will be.

The BOOKS -- I'm not talking about ARCs or galleys or the fact that yes, I read a lot of books before they hit the shelves. I'm talking about the BOOKS. You see them and you know them because you blogged about them or someone else did or someone you know read it and told you it was fabulous, or horrible. You see books and you're no longer alone in your thoughts. The thoughts of others are there with you, for good or bad. The Books are why I'm here. Lock me in my house for a year and I'm surrounded by friends.

~Coming up tomorrow: Why I Blog


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