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Sunday, July 1, 2012

NetGalley July Read-A-Thon and NEWS!

Hey guys!

Sad news - I won't be hosting a July read-a-thon this month :)


Happy News! Bekka at Pretty Deadly Reviews is! *happy face times a thousand*

If you're like me and have TONS of NetGalley books sitting around getting all their bits and bytes up in a bunch because they have been unloved and neglected for far too long - run over to Bekka's and sign yourself up!

I'm going to say I'll read at least 5 NetGalley books in July - BUT I'm totally going to try and push myself for more!


In related news!

Sign-ups are still open for my 2012 NetGalley Reading Challenge!

Challenge yourself all year long, link up reviews every month, meet some awesome people along the way and new in July - WIN PRIZES!

July's post as all the prize winning details :)


AND in even more related news.

Anyone interested in hosting NetGalley read-a-thon months of their own?

This is just to judge preliminary interest.

I'm thinking 5 blogs (since there are 5 more months left in the year!)

Hosting blogs would be responsible for setting up a linky post, promoting traffic to their blog as well as my yearlong challenge. I'll promote with links and hosting blog info posts and features. Maybe some mini challenges along the way.

As a participant you could pick any month you wanted - I'll have a master list of hosting blogs so it will be all easy to find - maybe find a new to you blog and make some new friends?

What do you guys think?
As a reader would you like a pick your own month read-a-thon?
As a blogger, would hosting such an event appeal to you?



  1. Emily, we could love to host a month if you decide to do it.

  2. What she said.. up there. :) Way to go Kate, you beat me to this! :)

  3. I adore all things NetGalley. What an awesome resource!


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