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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Short Story Review: Insider Information by Elana Johnson

E-novella / Short Story
Possession #0.5
November 2011 from the author

Read an exclusive short story told by Zenn Bower, a character from the full-length novel POSSESSION by Elana Johnson. (from Goodreads)

My Thoughts:
The information about Zenn in this short story seems, at least to me, to be pretty important to the story. I can't help but wonder if my reading experience of Possession will be changed at all after knowing this information. Or maybe these aren't secrets? I just don't know but I am excited to find out.

A perfect 'teaser' to the bigger story. I've had Possession sitting on my shelf for a while now and after reading this short story, I'm really looking forward to reading the entire series.

Zenn is a pretty interesting character. He seems to be pulled in many different directions but one thing is always clear - his love for Vi. I can't wait to see how their lives play out.

Extras? No, just the story, but the entire thing is free to read on Goodreads

Will I continue the series? Yes!

Worth the price? Free so yeah I would have to say yes.

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