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Wednesday, January 13, 2016

ALA Mid Winter - quick recap

Hey guys!

I'm back from ALA Mid Winter and I'm still totally drained! Not seeing the sun for a full 3 days probably wasn't a good idea ;)

The conference was awesome - I presented (for my co-worker) and didn't faint or throw up (go me!)
I saw my OTSP Secret Sister!
I got to hang out with blogger friends I haven't seen in ages!
Some friends from the area came by for drinks, food, and hilarity!
And...I got a lot of books.

I've been to 4 BEAs and I gotta say, ALA is a much calmer affair. With sessions to go to and work stuffs to get done, I didn't spend all my time on the exhibit floor. The time I did spend there though, was fabulous.

All of the publishers, authors, vendors - they were all so fantastic!

And all those books? Lots for me personally that I can't wait to review, some for my library co-workers who didn't attend, a few for my daughter (who has read through 4 already!) and a bunch more that will go to my local YA librarian.

In total, I walked away with a little under 100 and it could have been much much more.

I'm gonna post again with the details because for real life, a lot of these books NEED to be on your wishlists!

But for now, here are some pics courtesy of my Instagram

A photo posted by Emily De Maria (@wilowraven) on

A photo posted by Emily De Maria (@wilowraven) on

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