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Saturday, August 1, 2015

July 2015 Wrap-Up: The Sweaty Edition

The last half of July was hot and gross for me -- I got a lot of sweating out of the way so let's hope I'm all dried up for August!

What? It doesn't work that way?

Ok - I guess I did a few more things in the last month besides sweat -- like START BLOGGING AGAIN!!

Woo hoo!

*throws confetti*
*gets confetti in mouth*
*chokes on confetti*
*sits down down quietly in the corner*


Here's what I was getting on to in July!

Linking it up over at Feed Your Addiction's Monthly Wrap-Up Round-Up (and you should too ;)


(love her!)
(The only erotica I have ever, and probably will ever, read!)
(1st in a contemporary fantasy series)
(It's huge in China! 1st in a sci-fi series translated to English. Fermi Paradox baby! Ooo yeah!)
(Didn't know this existed until recently and now I wants!)

I became part of the world of the On The Same Page Secret Sister project (OTSPSecretSister).
Run by a trio of bloggers - Brittany from Book Addicts Guide, Alyssa from Books Take you Places and Amy from Tripping Over Books, OTSPSecretSister is a like a six month secret santa. We each get matched with a 'sister' and for the next 6 months we're sending all sorts of goodies (while trying to keep our identity secret). This round runs from August - January and I'm having a blast!

I've joined the Lunar Chronicles Read (or re-read) Along! This month we are reading Cinder and will continue with 1 book a month until the release of book 4 in November. If you haven't read this series, now is a good time to start!

That's all for now!
Be sure you leave your warp-up posts in the comments and / or add yours to the list over at Feed Your Addiction.

Happy Reading everyone!


  1. So glad you joined the monthly wrap-up round-up! I'm excited to read everyone's news from last month! I do OTSP Secret Sister too, and I love it! It's such a great way to connect with other bloggers!

    Nicole @ Feed Your Fiction Addiction

  2. I loved The Lunar Chronicles. I've already pre-ordered, Winter. :-)
    Happy August reading!


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