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Saturday, April 23, 2011

NetGalley April Update 3 - VERY IMPORTANT :)

Oh my! Can you believe that April is almost over?! Inconceivable! ;)


I hope you all have had a great month so far and for all of you participating in NetGalley April, I hope you have read (and are reading) tons of great NetGalley books!

Entries are holding steady at 67 participants but if you want to try to squeeze in a NetGalley book (or 2 or 3) before the end of the month, you can still SIGN UP and be entered to win the prizes. 

Speaking of prizes! Over the weekend, I'll be visiting all your blogs (or twitter account or Facebook) to remind you of the upcoming end of the month - and the end of NetGalley April **sad face** 
(for a **happy face** see the very end of this post ;)

To be eligible to claim your prize, if you are chosen by the mighty gods of random.org, you will have to put forth a little effort - not much - don't worry! 

I'll be asking EVERYONE, in the first week of May to either:
*Do a blog post highlighting the NetGalley books you read OR wanted to read but just couldn't

*Do a similar type post in Facebook (on your fan page or as a note or even just as a status update)

*Comment on my Wrap Up post - which will go live May 1 - with what you read or again, wanted to read but couldn't

*Email me your reads

Some very important points to note:
*You do not need to have actually read any NetGalley books in April! That was the whole point of this event but realistically, life always has a mind of it's own and for me, the intention to read is what matters. 
(but please, don't sign up the last day of April and say 'tried but didn't have enough time' - that's just cheeky!)

*Doing the above task (blog post, FB, comment, email..) is not required of everyone BUT the winners will have to something in order to claim their prize. See - this is the 'I'm making you work for it' clause. But not bad, right?

So! Expect to see me stalking visiting you on your blogs, twitter etc in the next couple of days and start thinking about how you'll want to share with us what you read for NetGalley April

**Happy Face** Time!
NetGalley July as been proclaimed!
That's right folks, I'll be doing this all over again in July :)
Still working out some details but if nothing else there will be prizes, and another twitter chat with the lovely Lindsey from NetGalley (for transcripts from our first NetGalley chat - click here)

Ok folks, that was long but important!
If you've made it this far and comment and you are one of the 67 signed up to participate, you'll gain an extra entry to win those prizes!

Thanks guys for making April such an awesome NetGalley month! Can't wait to see what everyone has been reading!!


  1. Super Excited for July Too

    I have not gotten to as many as I would like!

  2. I think I'll get a lot more read in July than I did this month. Oi! I read ... one so far. But one is better than none eh? I will try to read one more, I swear it! Thanks for hosting such a great thing, hopefully I will read double and then some in July.

  3. I've only been able to get one read so far this month, but with one week left I'm hoping to at least double the number ;) Thanks so much for hosting this!

  4. I am still so excited about this! I have been behind on my NetGalley books - I have been able to read 6 already in April - I plan to start another one today - I was hoping for 10 or 11, but I am pleased with my progress so far. Happy reading.

  5. I really sucked at reading NetGalley books this month. I have to go through and check, but I think I read two. Maybe. It could have been one. There's still some time, so I hope I can squeeze in at least one more, but my physical books (many of which are sequels I'm dying to read) are calling to me.

  6. Still here. Only got one done so far, but I am halfway through Spellbound and, I'm not...Spellbound that is (so I can't guarentee I'll finish it). I did read/review Ultraviolet (loooved it). It's up on the blog.
    Thanks for the extra entry- what are the prizes again?

  7. Excellent!!! I read two netgalley books this month. I hope to squeeze in one more, maybe two... depends. I have library books I need to finish!

  8. I have finished three galleys. I am on my fourth now. I wonder if I can squeeze in one more to make a total of five for April? That would be awesome sauce.

    I can't wait for July and thanks for hosting!

  9. I read six this month. I will hopefully finish my seventh before the end of the month. I helps that a could were children's books :)

  10. Two Netgalley books reviewed so far in April (and I read a third one but won't post review til later because it won't be pub. til fall).
    here are my posts:
    Lead Serve Love

  11. Ohhh NetGalley July! Super exciting :) I really enjoyed NetGalley April--I think I read 5 NetGalley books?

    Thanks so much for doing this!

  12. Hi!
    I'm new to your blog! I like it a lot! I'm new to NetGalley, but have read a lot this month! Then I got an emnail from Thomas A Nelson Publishers that stated I can't post my reviews until 30 days prior to the release of the book! Uh oh! Oooops!!! I read:
    *Growing Up Amish by Ira Wagler
    *The Bible Search Engine by Pamela L McQuade
    *At Home with Handmade Books by Erin Zamrzla
    *A Celebration of the Simple Life by Wanda E Brunstetter
    *Wanda E Brenstetter's Amish Friend's Cookbook Desserts by Wanda A Brunstetter
    *Natural Patchwork by Suzuko Koseki
    A total of 6!!
    I just started the novel "Yarn" by Kyoko Mori. I'll have that finished in a few days! That is a GREAT book! It reads so flowingly! Also it is SO good!
    It'll be 7! Wow! I've read some other books, too, besides NetGalley, too! I guess April has been a BUSY month for me! I never kept track of what I have read that closely. I do put the reviews on my blog, but I think this has been my most productive month ever! I never even knew there was a contest on NetGalley, either!
    I like your blog! come visit mine!!
    PS. I'm afraid to post reviews now without checking the release dates! I have to check the Patchwork release date. I guess all Publisher's would want their review only posted 30 days prior to the release date, huh? What do you think? NetGalley should put the release date on our page where we go to write our reviews so we don't 'break the law'!!! LOL! Do you have any experience with this?
    Thanks again!
    Laurie Carlson

  13. Yay! So glad that this will happen again in July! :-) Great idea and though I wasn't able to do as much as I planned to do (many releases and other review requests took precedence) but I plan on doing more vigorous planning for July! :-)

    Thanks for organizing this Emily! :-)

  14. Wahoo! Thanks for the reminder. I managed to get a handful of my netGalley books read in April, but I didn't make the full list. I should be posting a follow-up post soon on the blog, and I will for sure be participating in July! Thanks!

  15. Hi Emily, I'm back with link to my post: http://www.stella-exlibris.com/2011/05/april-was-netgalley-month.html

    Thanks again for this wonderful idea, this should be mopre often, would help me motivating me to read more NG books ;-)

    I only read 5, but had so amny other released books to review.

    Looking forward to July and thanks again for the fun! :-D

  16. Already looking forward to July!
    Have to count and see how many books I read in April! :)


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