Friday, April 1, 2011

Can you tell me? Answers

Earlier in the week I asked:

Bloggers, how do you cross post to other social network sites? Specifically, how do you publish your blogs posts to your twitter and Facebook feeds?

A few wonderful people answered and it was pretty much what I've been using.


If you have a Networked Blog via Facebook, you can set it up to auto post to both Facebook and Twitter
You can use Feedburner, to auto post just to Twitter

I currently have Feedburner doing my Twitter posts and Networked Blogs doing Facebook. No real reason why I do it this way it just works for me. Oh - and I've totally forgotten HOW to set up Feedburner to post to Twitter, but I did do it! (I know, not very helpful of me!).

Now, I have another question for you -- does it bug you when blogs auto post to Facebook and Twitter? Would you rather NOT see these updates and rely on the fact that you follow the blog itself and you'll see the post right from the horses mouth?

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  1. I don't really follow blogs on Facebook.

    I do follow a lot of bloggers on Twitter though. And many of them I don't subscribe to their feeds because there is no possible way to read that many blogs a day. I like when people auto tweet their new posts, because if I have a few extra minutes, I'll click through and read anything that sounds interesting. This way, I may not be a regular reader, but I much more likely to visit their blog than if they weren't posting the links.

  2. I like seeing things cross-posted on Twitter. I don't really use my Facebook all that much, so it's not a big deal if there's or not, but I don't always get to stay up to date with all the blogs I follow; I'm more likely to click on a Twitter link, so if it's there, it's a good thing.


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