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Monday, March 7, 2011

Show Me Your Shelves

Hello and welcome to Show Me Your Shelves!
A feature where readers of Red House Books are given the opportunity to show us their book shelves, book cases, book piles....

Today it is my pleasure to welcome Brooke of Brooke Reviews

I'm so jealous of these beautiful bookshelves!

Brooke says "This is the full shot of my bookshelves.  This is what you see when you walk in our front door.  It's the second best way to be greeted when I get home.  The first is by my puppies!"
OH MY! A beautiful bookshelf AND puppies! 

Books A-E

Books F-K

Books K-R

Books S

Books S-Z

"This shelf is next to my desk.  It holds mostly school books and books for review.  I've gotten my books for review stack down.  Good thing, because I don't have a lot of time!"

"This is our entry way console table.  We house are keys and junk in the drawers.  On top are some big books including, Poe's full collection, book about vampires that my friend Ash form Smash Attack Reads loaned me, Grimm Fairytales and other school books."

Simply gorgeous!

Thank you so much Brooke for Sharing Your Shelves!
You can find Brooke at her blog, on Goodreads and Twitter


The waiting list is now clear but I would love to show off more of your shelves. If you'd like to share, please fill out THIS FORM to start :)
If you've already expressed interest and I'm just waiting on your pics - no problems! Get them to me when you can.


  1. I'm having a serious case of bookshelf envy right now. Your bookshelves are gergous! and so CLEAN and organized!!!!!


  2. WOW! That's a lot of books! And what great bookshelves! I wish that I had that many books to warrant such a bookshelf!

  3. Thanks for having me at Red House Books and thank you for all the lovely comments!

  4. Yep. Brooke's shelves are AWESOMESAUCE. :)


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