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Monday, March 14, 2011

Author Event: Kim Harrington Clarity Release Party

A few weeks ago I was attended my first ever Author Signing Event!
Kim Harrington held the release party of her debut book, Clarity at the Tatnuck Bookseller.
My boyfriend and daughter came with me -- my adorable 4 year old took the picture above of our pre-signed Clarity copy :)

I got to meet Kim:
Such a sweet person! 
(and that's me smiling like a fool :)

Heard her speak:
She was awesomely funny.
And she read aloud from Clarity - so amazing hearing Clare's voice through Kim.

There was also cake!
My daughter's favorite part of the day, I'm sure :)

I also got to meet other bloggers who live in my area. I had no idea there were so many New England bloggers. I spend some time talking with Cindy from Books Complete Me and Nikki from Wicked Awesome Books. Two very awesome ladies that I hope I will see again at future book events.
I also met Danielle from Frenzy of Noise and Gail from Ticket to Anywhere. AND there were a bunch more bloggers there!

So many people turned out for Kim that Tatnuck SOLD OUT of her book! (70 copies I believe)

Some local authors even came by:
Kim Harrington with Leigh Fallon, debut author of The Carrier of the Mark due out in the Fall and Karsten Knight, debut author of Wildfire releasing July 26.
Both Leigh and Karsten were supper nice and I'm really looking forward to reading both their books.

So, I have to say, my first Author Event was a roaring success!

If you live in the New England area and weren't able to make it to Kim's release party, she'll be at the Odyssey Bookshop in South Hadley next weekend. Check her blog for more info.

Want your own copy of Clarity? Later on today I'll be hosting a giveaway for two copies (one signed!) plus some Clarity swaggy goodness!


  1. O I love the cake!
    Thanks for sharing your pictures.

  2. I refuse to be jealous that you met Kim AND Karsten. ::bites nails:: Okay a little jealous. All right MONSTROUSLY Jealous. But can you blame me?

    I'm glad you had so much fun though!!

  3. Hah, I have to agree with Lexie. You got to meet a lot of insanely awesome people!!!

    That cake looks so good. Yum. I wonder who bit Clare's face? XD And you know, I spotted you in Kim's pictures on her blog :D

    Thanks for sharing this bookish experience, Emily :)


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