Monday, February 21, 2011

Show Me Your Shelves

Hello and welcome to Show Me Your Shelves!
A feature where readers of Red House Books are given the opportunity to show us their book shelves, book cases, book piles....

Today it is my pleasure to welcome Ammy Belle of The Book Fort and The Crooked Bookshelf!

Ammy Belle's first bookcase is homemade and packed full from a going out of business bookstore sale (yeah, I wouldn't have been able to resist either!)

Unfortunately this shelf has not survived :) hehe - too many books!

An awesome warning to those who don't read who have friends who love books. You just might be walled into your own room!

Ok, so I know I've broken at least one bookcase but I've never used books to torture a roommate before...sounds like fun though! What about you guys?

Thank you so much Ammy Belle for Sharing Your Shelves!

Do you have shelves you'd like to share? Fill out THIS FORM to start :)


  1. LOL I like the ones in the doorway :) Creative space use!

  2. I love this feature! I'm cleaning up my books this week, so hopefully I will have pictures to send you soon :)


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