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Monday, February 7, 2011

Book Review: Human .4 by Mike A. Lancaster

***2011 Debut Author***

Publication Date: March 8, 2011
Pages: 240
Series: no
Acquisition: received an ARC for review

Humanity, like computers, can be upgraded.  And old versions disappear. . . .
At some unspecified point in the future, when technology is as advanced as possible and we are a race of super beings, some old audio tapes are discovered.  On the tapes is the story of fourteen-year-old  Kyle Straker.
Hypnotized, Kyle missed the upgrade of humanity to 1.0.  He isn't compatible with our new technology. And through the recording, he narrates what the upgrades really mean.  And it's absolutely terrifying.  
Sci-fi futuristic and technological apocalypse in the style of War of the Worlds, I am Legend and The X-Files. (from Goodreads)

My thoughts:
It's been really hard to write this review because every time I try to collect my thoughts all that comes to mind is: OMG THIS BOOK WAS FREAKEN AWESOME AND EVERYONE IN THE WORLD SHOULD READ IT!

I could just leave it at that but I expect you all want a little more :)

For me, Human .4 was like an ultimate 'what if' sci-fi adventure. What if humans are only important and useful as massive electronic data processers?  What if our brains function at a capacity, not set by biology or evolution but by design? Someone else's design. What if we could and have all been upgraded, countless times and what if some people just don't make the cut - forever lost and forgotten as obsolete hardware?

Mike Lancaster has asked and answered all of these questions and together they make for a truly enjoyable, exciting and not a little terrifying read.

Final verdict:
A fantastic debut! Can't wait to see what else Mike has in store for us. Defiantly an author to keep your eye on.

If you're a fan of science fiction, if you're a fan of technology and implausible, but none the less, awesome scenarios then you'll love Human .4.

A quick, short read that contains everything I love about science fiction writing. The unknown, the impossible and most importantly, the unavoidable 'what if'. Just what if it were all true…

Overall Rating:
5 / 5 Stars

Linkage Love:
Egmont USA
Author's Website


  1. This one is on my list. I can not wait to try it. Thanks for the review. I'm happy to see 5 stars!

  2. Awesome review Em! You made me really excited about pushing this one up in my TBR pile. :P

  3. Great review! I'm not usually a sci-fi fan, but this sounds so good! I really want to read it! ^_^

  4. Wow! Now, I am going to have to read this book. I had it on my wishlist, but was reluctant to preorder. I'm going to commit now!

  5. It's on my list too! Thanks for nudging me again about it!


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