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Monday, October 24, 2011

Week 4 NetGalley October Tips: Submitting Your Review

Welcome to Week 4 of NetGalley October!
Our last full week (can you believe it?!) of this month long read-a-thon. 

Lindsey has given us lost of great tips so far and she has a few more to share.

Submitting Your Review

Now, you’ve read the title and you loved it. Or hated it. Either way, you did your part by writing a review and posting it on your blog or whatever other review outlet you use.

Remember, NetGalley members are under no obligation to finish reading a title or write a review—but it is strongly encouraged, and publishers will be more inclined to give you access to future titles if you review.

If you do choose to write a review, you can use NetGalley to send the review to the publisher. Your review is shared with the publisher as a courtesy — but the content and publishing rights for that review belong solely to you. NetGalley does not post or publish your review — instead, we are providing an “electronic tear-sheet.” Most publishers will appreciate if you also include a link or other information with the review that says where the review will be published. You can also use NetGalley to let the publisher know that you are declining to review.

Login to your account, go to MY REVIEWS, and press the pencil icon (“write”) to send your review to the publisher. Make sure to select the REVIEW COMPLETED button, include the link to your review, the date it was published, and anything else relevant. Then hit SAVE!


Have questions about Week 4's tips?
Comment below and I'll be sure to ask Lindsey THIS FRIDAY during our TWITTER CHAT!
All are welcome!
Begins at 5pm EST on this Friday the 28th.
Use the hashtag #NetGalleyMonth to join in

Haven't declared yourself yet?
Yes, there is still time to read at least 1 NetGalley book by the end of the month :)

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1 comment:

  1. Thanks for doing this series of tips! I have a few questions about reviewing:

    Negative reviews - will they damage your chances of getting future titles? Should you decline to review instead?

    Should you limit your requests to a 'safe' number? I've requested about 10 books recently and they've all been approved. I intend to read and review them all and post reviews close to the publishing date whenever I can, but it's impossible to stick to publication dates every time. Will it count against me if I don't always post reviews at the ideal time?


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