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Sunday, October 16, 2011

From Blogger to Book Writer: Stasia Ward Kehoe Shares Her Story

Today it is my great pleasure to welcome Stasia Ward Kehoe to Red House Books
Stasia is sharing with us today her journey from Blogger to Book Writer


It can be hard to admit that you want to be a writer.  Over the years, I occasionally summoned the courage to reveal my ambition, and discovered four common reactions.  People would either:
     (a)    Smile while their eyes glazed over
     (b)   Tell me it’s nearly impossible to get published
     (c)    Tell me they’re thinking about writing a book, too
     (d)   Say, “You’re a wonderful writer—you can do it!” (okay, that was my mom)

So, I spent years writing my fiction quietly, while sharing my love for YA literature on my appropriately-titled blog, Writer on the Side.  I offered insights from my day job in book marketing, discussed novels I admired, and posted photos of my dog in reading glasses.  Then, it happened: In 2010, I got an agent and sold a book.  I kind of wasn't expecting it.  I had planned to keep my dream on hold until my youngest son was in kindergarten and my house was clean, but you know what they say about the best laid plans…

There are many surprises that come with getting published.  One I did not expect, however, was that my sense of identity as a blogger would grow shaky. Could I still call myself a writer ON THE SIDE now that writing was squarely in the middle of my life?  I didn't want my blog to become the story of me-me-me, yet I was learning so much through my own publishing process that I wanted to share.  Could my convivial relationships with other bloggers remain the same as my pub date approached?  When bloggers started writing about my own book’s cover, what was I supposed to do?  Finally, my agent, other writers, and pretty much everyone else kept telling me that I should maintain my online presence BUT NOT NEGLECT WRITING THE NEXT BOOK.  What they couldn't explain was how to add about six hours to every day!

I’d like to tell you that I did some research, learned to live without sleep, and found my way, but I haven’t.  What I have discovered is that the writer-blogger community is as kind and celebratory as it always was, and that a surprising number of bloggers have had the wild experience of becoming published writers and are willing to offer advice.  I have decided that, as a blogger, the best I can do is to be myself.  I may not always strike the right balance or write the best posts when I’m deep in manuscript revisions.  But I am happy to keep on celebrating my love for YA lit with fellow writers, readers, bloggers, and all combinations thereof.  Because we all still want the same thing: The perfect reads for the sunny summer afternoon, the chilly winter morning, and the occasional lonely night.


Thank you so much Stasia!

Stasia Ward Kehoe blogs at Writer on the Side (www.swardkehoe.blogspot.com) and can also be found at her author site, www.stasiawardkehoe.com.  Her debut novel, AUDITION, published by Viking is on sale now!


  1. I love this! I am going through a similar journey, except I am much earlier on the path. As in, I have an idea, I think about it all the time, I want to write it, but am terrified to pour that time into it when I really have no clue what I'm doing. This was a good inspirational post for me. :)

  2. Love! Great to see how the transition from blogger/reader to writer works...I'm working on a project, because it's a story I want to read. It didn't exist, so I'm writing it. Where it goes from there, I have no idea really, but it's fun :o)


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