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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

More Debut Authors! aka Massive List Update!

Hey guys, I just posted a Month 4 Debut Authors update yesterday but I have recently discovered more! (insert evil laughter here)

The Massive List has been updated - check it out!
Links are to Goodreads....I really wish the Massive List was linked and I might try to start on that....might take a while though. What do you guys think?

Did I make any mistakes? Did I leave anyone out? Check out the Massive List and let me know!

What I added today:

Already Published:
Alexandra Bullen - Wish
Katie Pickard Fawcett - To Come and Go Like Magic
Jandy Nelson - The Sky Is Everywhere

1-May Kat Falls - Dark Life
1-May Mira Grant - Feed
11-May Alyssa B. Sheinmel - The Beautiful Between
13-May Kristen Chandler - Wolves, Boys and Other THings That Might Kill Me
13-May Joelle Anthony - Restoring Harmony
13-May Pat Brisson - The Best and Hardest Thing
13-May Jenna Burtenshaw - Wintercraft
18-May Jennifer Murgia - Angel Star
24-May Kate Milford - The Boneshaker

15-June Jacqueline West The Shadows (The Books of Elsewhere #1)
22-June Lesley Hauge - Nomansland

16-July Kate Hegary - Mieradome

2-Aug Sheila A. Nielson - Forbidden Sea


  1. You. are. full. of. AWESOME! :)

  2. The only one I heard of (from your updates) if Mira Grant. (Feed). I just bought it and read the first few pages. Did you know that Mira Grant is the same person as Seanan McGuire? I think Feed is her debut horror novel, as opposed to her other series which is either urban fantasy or dark fantasy. Do I sound geeky or what! man.


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