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Sunday, May 16, 2010

Can you tell me? ANSWERS!

I had a great response to my first Can you tell me? post so I think I'll be making it a regular feature here at Red House Books. What do you guys think?

The question I presented to you wonderful folks was:

"Can you tell me...In twitter, if I 'reply' to a tweet but the person I'm replying to doesn't follow me, do they see my tweet reply in their feed?"

I had a few people who said "Yes, they do" but I had even more people say "No, they don't".
I decided to do a little test. I was able to convince my wonderful partner to created his own Twitter account. He became my follower but I did not become his. He then replied to my most recent tweet and....his reply DID NOT pop up on my home page feed. However, as a few of you pointed out - when I clicked my @WilowRedHouse link I could see any tweets where WilowRedHouse was mentioned - including the reply my sweetie just made.

Final verdict:

No, they do not see your reply.

I can see how this might be a little annoying but I'm hoping the people I follow that don't follow me are just as crazy as I am and check there @ list frequently :)

Maybe there is something some of us are missing? Those of you that said, yes - do you see replies from people you don't follow? Maybe this will change? Maybe it's a very intentional feature so as not to clutter up your feed with tweets of people you don't want to see (even if they are talking about you?). Who knows!
Of course, I'm not even saying I have all the answers here - and if anyone has anything more to add, please let me know!

Thanks guys, this has been a lot of fun!


  1. wow..that's something good to know.Thanks for sharing =)

  2. I'm almost betting you like science. The whole process of elimination until you find the answer. This was definitely a fun way to find out. (Hugs)Indigo

  3. I use Tweet Deck and I know they pop up on there because one of my columns is @replies but I agree if you go on Twitter they won't show up in you feed unless you follow them. I also use Ubertweet on my blackberry and I get them there WHEN I click on my @replies again they aren't in my feed. So the only time I really get them without looking is through Tweet Deck.

  4. Yah...that's why I like Buzz inside Google better. Not that many people use it.

  5. Cool! I don't use Twitter but that's good to know. I like this feature - you should continue with it.


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