Saturday, July 21, 2012

On My Reader (19) - July 21, 2012

On My Reader posts are were I highlight recent ebooks I've added to my digital collection :)

I've been trying not to go click crazy with Kindle / iBook buys since I'm totally disorganized and I have no idea how many books and short stories I've bought recently that I haven't read yet!
That's why I love doing these posts - it helps me get just a little bit more organized :)

Links are to Goodreads

For Review from NetGalley

August 2012 from Bloomsbury
A contemp with a few twists. Sounds really intriguing.

October 2012 from Month9books
"20 authors explore the dark and hidden meanings behind some of the most beloved Mother Goose nursery rhymes through short story retellings" - Ooooo! I can't wait!


January 2012 from Bloomsbury
There are 4 of  these short story novella's that prequel Sarah's Throne of Glass debut. I'll probably wind up buying / reading / reviewing all of them soon :)

So, what's on your readers?

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