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Friday, July 13, 2012

The Future

Blogoversary Celebration Day 5

Ok, have that crystal ball ready?
You don't have one?

Oh wait...neither do I…

So! What does the future hold?

I have no freaken idea.


I think I want to keep it that way.

Who knows where I'll be in a year or a month or even next week?! Will I still be blogging? I hope to. I'm planning on it but who really knows?

I should have added this to my favorite things about blogging -- The future is whatever we make of it. I love my blog and I love my books and I love my friends and I can do whatever I want with it all and that is FABULOUS!

I want to be surprised by what comes next. Like reading a book, you never know what's going to be on that next page.

I want Red House Books to grow and change but I don't ever want to get to the point where it's done. Where it's perfect and nothing more needs to be added or taken away.

And, if blogging ever did become a chore? I would probably just walk away. Fade into the sunset so to speak. I'll never give up books or reading but I might give up blogging.

What I can promise is this - while I'm here, I'll strive to give you, my dear readers, the best of me. I'll put as much as I can into every review, every post, every word you read. I'll never worry about what is too much or too little - you'll never get filler posts or wanton meme abuse from me :)

If and when I have something to say, I'll say it and if not….I think everyone would be just fine without me for a little while.

So, the future holds everything. My future looks good and I couldn't be happier to have you all along for the ride!

Happy Reading Everyone!!

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