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Thursday, January 19, 2012

NetGalley January Twitter Chat Questions and Answers

Another huge thank you to everyone who attended last night's NetGalley Twitter chat! And to the lurkers as well ;)

Judging from the questions, I'm thinking it was our biggest one to date.

Since there were a lot, I'm not going to bore you with a bunch of preamble (too late?) EXCEPT to ask any NetGalley fans reading this to consider joining my 2012 NetGalley Reading Challenge :)

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...ok....I'm done....for now! Mwahahahahah!

ok really...here is the transcript :)

All answers were given by Lindsey from NetGalley and both questions and answers have been summarized and / or expanded on for clarity.

Q: What is the 'quick' answer for how we are approved and how we should get started on NetGalley?
A: For approval guidelines, see HERE.

Q: What is the best way to deal with having the same title in your request queue twice?
A: If you have a duplicate, you can archive one.

Q: Can publishers see how many titles we have archived? How about the number we have reviewed verses what we have requested?
A: Publishers cannot see how many titles you have archived but they do see how many you've been approved / declined for across all publishers. They can also see how many reviews you've sent to all publishers.

Q: Will anyone from NetGalley be at ALA Mid Winter this year?
A: Yes, Community Concierge Kristina will be there. Check out Follow The Reader for more info.

Q: Is there anything that users can do when an e-galley is formatted badly or is unreadable?
A: You can email NetGalley, support[at]netgalley[dot]com if formatting is really bad and they can pass the information along to the publisher.

Q: Any special guidance for reading on a Kindle? Sometimes the formatting is way off.
A: Galley formats are either pdf or epub as publishers don't have mobi/Kindle formats available at the galley stage. Amazon converts to their proprietary format and that is why Kindle galley formatting is sometimes off.

Q: If / when I decline a review, is there way to let the publisher know why?
A: You can use the EMAIL PUBLISHER button to tell them why you declined on the review.

Q: Where do reviews go once we have entered them?
A: When you use the pencil icon to send your review in NetGalley, it goes directly to the publisher via an email in their account.

Q: If you're behind, is it better to still submit a review if a title's been out for a few months?
A: YES! It's always worth it as publishers want to know that you read the book.

Q: Can you still post your review after the publisher has archived the title?
A: Yes! You can still go to MY REVIEWS and click the pencil icon.

Q: Is there an app for iPads?
A: Yes, it's called Bluefire. See instructions HERE.

Q: Can I use my Nook to read galleys? What if I'm having problems?
A: Yes, you can use your Nook. Trouble shooting is HERE or email NetGalley support for help.

Q: What is the "Review Complete-Editorial Pass" and the "Community" section at the bottom of our account page?
A: You can ignore these as they don't mean anything :)

Q: What does archiving actually do? When are we suppose to do it?
A: Archiving titles is just for your organization needs. You can archive when you don't what to see a title in your list anymore.

Q: Does archiving your review delete it on the publisher's end?
A: No. Archiving does not affect publishers. They get your review via email as soon as you send it.

Q: Is there a place in our account where we can see what publishers have auto approved us?
A: You will get an email as soon as a publisher auto approves you - keep these emails! There isn't currently a list in your account that you can see but NetGalley is hoping to change this in the future.

Q: Why did a publisher archive a title right after they approved me for it?
A: Sometimes this happens. It's usually a miss-communication in their organization.

Q: Is there any chance an "Archived Date" column could be added?
A: NetGalley is working on it! In the meantime, they are also urging publishers to put archive dates in the book description. (Some have already started).

Q: Should we be putting our full reviews in the review box or is just a link to our blog post enough?
A: Full review AND a link directly to your review is preferred.

Q: What is the difference between the Full Review and the Brief Review?
A: Full Review is for your review, Brief Review box is for any comments you want to make outside of the review itself.

Q: What if we have been declined by a publisher for a book in genre "B" when they have already approved us previously for books in genre "A"?
A: Make sure your bio states all the types of genres you read and review. The publisher might not realize you review genre "B". Also, be sure to check out Publisher Criteria.

Q: Do publishers expect to see reviews from booksellers who are reading purely for ordering  and store recommendations?
A: Booksellers and Librarians are not expected to send reviews BUT it is nice to send feedback if you have ordered a book for your collection.

Q: Do Kindle books every expire?
A: No. Kindle books currently do not have an expiration date. More info can be found HERE.

Q: What is best practice for books that have been archived before you read them?
A: Email the publisher to tell them you ran out of time. For books that archive right after you get approval, email NetGalley support.


  1. Thanks for the info. Good to know. I may have to go back an edit one of my reviews, bc I posted the entire review, but forgot to put in the link to my blog post.

  2. Thanks for posting this! I joined NetGalley evening before last, so I'm still learning the ropes... meaning I have a silly question :)
    How long, roughly, do you have to read a galley before the publisher archives it? Or is there no set time, it simply tends to be a surprise?
    I hope you don't mind more questions and thanks for your time! ~Mary Beth

    1. My experience is that it differs between publishers, but most seem to archive around the publish date for the book.

  3. Thank you for all of this info! I joined NG a few weeks ago and just read and reviewed my first book earlier this week! Such a learning process, and you really help answer some of the questions that I had :)
    Thanks again, margie

  4. Thanks again for hosting Emily!! And for posting this so I can see the first 1/2!! I learned a lot :)

  5. This was really helpful... I didn't realize the books archived! Since Kindle books don't expire, if I have all my books sent to my Kindle I should be able to read them even after they have been archived, right?

  6. wow. this was really informative and helpful. thanks for the post! :)


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