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Monday, January 9, 2012

NetGalley January: General NetGalley Info

How was everyone's first week of NetGalley January?
What have you been reading? 

In this first check in post I wanted to share with you some general information about NetGalley AND announce our upcoming Twitter Chat!

Some helpful NetGalley Links:

NetGalley Sign In Page - I have this one bookmarked as it makes getting to my account just that much faster ;)

Reading Devices - Great information on using all kinds of e-readers, phones and of course, your computer

Publisher Approval Preferences - before you request it's a good idea to check out what a particular publisher is looking for

NetGalley Blog - "Follow The Reader" love this title :)

NetGalley on Facebook - Do you "Like" NetGalley?

NetGalley on Twitter - run by Lindsey Rudnickas, NetGalley Digital Concierge. She is supper helpful if you ever have a question!


Speaking of Lindsey and questions.
Next week you can join us in another fabulous Twitter chat. Once I have the exact date and time I'll let you know! Past months chats have been fantastic and I'm hoping for even more participating this month.


Speaking of participation ;) If you haven't already signed up for NetGalley January there is still time! Head on over to the sign up post and get started.


no...that's it ;)

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