Thursday, December 2, 2010

Can you tell me? Take 2

In the course of blogging, learning the ropes, trying to get a handle on Twitter, I have discovered that I have a lot of questions about random things.

Occasionally, I'm going to pose a question to you. Something random but bloggy / social networky / techy in nature most likely. (what? those are all real words, I swear)

I'll post up answers in a few days - cause, maybe you don't know the same things I don't know?

This week, I ask you a question I asked a while ago. I didn't get many responses and I still don't know the answer so - I ask again:

Is there anyway to know the URL link of a post BEFORE it goes live?

If it makes a difference, I use Blogger. I often schedule posts ahead of time and when I need (or want) to share that post with someone, I wait until it is live and then click to it to get the link. Is there anyway to know what the link will be before it's actually posted?

I've gained a bunch of followers since first posing this question (love you guys!!), so I'm hoping someone out there knows the answer.

Thanks guys!

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  1. I don't know the exact title, or the exact way to find it, but in my experience, it is either the title or if that's not added, the first few words you've typed of the post, the first time it saves (usually the auto-save)

    Look at this URL- it's your url, with the year/month/title.html

    I don't know how many words it uses before it cuts off (I'm sure you could experiment a little...) but that's what I've noticed.

    Hope that helps!


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