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Saturday, September 28, 2013

The BOOKS! We can't forget about the BOOKS! a.k.a Reading Slumps SUCK!

Reading slumps really suck. I haven't had one this bad in a long long time.

In July? I read - NOTHING! How is that even possible?!?!?

So blogging? Not so much.

I mean, I could have FORCED myself to blog but that really goes against all the reasons I started blogging in the first place.

Feedback loop? Is that what it's called?

I really wanted to be reading more but THE SLUMP was strong. I missed blogging but THE GUILT of having nothing to talk about and no motivation to do anything about it was overpowering.

SLUMP - GUILT - SLUMP - GUILT -- rinse, repeat

Any I totally over it all?

Not gonna jinx it by saying yes (or no) but things are looking a little better.

I finished a book the other day! The Bone Season by Samantha Shannon --- loved reading it even though I didn't love the story ;)

And I'm reading a book now -- The Hypnotists by Gordon Korman. Middle Grade, easy read, pretty awesome characters. It's just want I needed right now.

Also, you would think that not reading much would mean no new books coming into the house...yeah...that didn't happen!

What did happen though is that all those lovelies have been sitting in piles and piles all over my house. It's both pretty awesome and pretty chaotic -- just the way I like it.

So, surrounded by my BOOKS with a few recent good reads under my belt - I'm feeling better.

For anyone out there suffering from THE SLUMP or perhaps THE GUILT or, like my unfortunate reality - the double whammy combo of the two I have this to say:

Don't give up on your books. 
You may not be feeling the love now but it's still there. 
Take your time.
Books are always forgiving.

Wishing you all a FABULOUS weekend!

Happy Reading to one and all!



  1. Kate's been kinda slumpy lately and I've just been busy. Luckily we have a lot scheduled. Hope you knock it out with the Hypnotists, looks like a great book, and one on my list. :)

  2. What a sad story-you haven't been able to read anything? I find that even if I don't feel like blogging, I still want to read and then I just don't review that book. Sending you good vibes for some weekend reading hopefully!

  3. Glad to see you back on the reading horse! I only read 4 books this month - that's a low for me.

  4. I'm just now finally pulling out of a pretty long slump. I want to read more where before I just didn't even want to! And I agree - there is no need to feel guilt over it!!!


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