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Saturday, May 25, 2013

Survey Results: How do we feel about book haul posts?

How do you feel about BEA book hauls and book haul posts in general?

I posted the question because I was looking for an answer for myself. I know I'll be coming home with a lot of books and I'm going to be excited over them and I want to share that excitement.

Also, book haul posts are a tool I use to help organize my collection. Newly acquired books (bought, for review, borrowed etc.) sit in a pile on my desk until I post about them. After I post, I update my Goodreads account and (in theory) find new homes for them all. 

BUT! If doing so on a massive scale with BEA books was going to piss you all off - I wasn't going to do it!

BUT! What if that made it look like I was hiding? Like, I didn't want to show you my books because I had been a greedy mc grabby hands and had taken them ALL home?


Ok - no more buts. 

The good news?

Most people said they do enjoy book haul posts - as long as the poster isn't bragging. Bragging is a big big no no.

There is a huge difference between being excited and thankful about the books you receive and bragging about how cool you obviously are because of all the books you receive. 

People like seeing what others have gotten. 

Follow a blogger who gets a lot of ARCs and you're going to get a good idea about what books will be (or at least what the publishers think will be) hot items in the coming months

Follow a blogger who has a problem NOT buying books every week and you're going to get a good idea about what is out there now and you might see a few that slipped past your radar that you'll want to run out and buy yourself.

Make sense to me!

Thank you everyone for taking the time to share your opinions!


  1. I love seeing everyone's book hauls. I get to see titles I hadn't heard of yet, and I get a sneak peek at how the final copies look (I LOVE big books and I cannot lie).

  2. I enjoy reading book haul posts but I absolutely agree, bragging is a no-no. Share your books and your excitement, absolutely. Isn't sharing the book love why we blog about books?

  3. I love seeing other people's books and sharing their excitement. And I have to say, I haven't come across anyone yet who came across as boasting.

  4. I enjoy reading book haul posts as that's how I create my TBR pile, seeing what others get and I also get excited for others. I really should work out a system like that LOL

  5. I'm so happy you did this! I always wonder the exact same thing when I come back from the American Library Association conference. I try so hard not to pick up too many books, but sometimes they are irresistible.
    And I want to share the yum!
    Marlene @ Reading Reality

  6. I definitely want to see your haul!! :-)

    Just found your blog via the NetGalley challenge and am now a follower. Hope you have a great time at BEA!

    Nicole @ Feed Your Fiction Addiction


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