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Monday, May 13, 2013

BEA Book Hauls - How Do You Feel?

Yesterday as I was writing up my Roundup post I mentioned that with BEA coming up I probably won't have a lot of time the rest of the month for more Roundups.

It got me thinking about AFTER BEA.

I'm going to have books. I'm going to have a lot of books. Can you attend BEA (as a blogger especially)  and not leave with books? Very very unlikely.

As in years past I don't plan on going over board.

As in years past I'm sure my pile at the end will be on the rather large side.

I'm not going to wait in line for signed copies of books I don't want. I'm not going to hover around the publisher booths waiting for 'drops' of books I also do not want.

I will however, in the heat of the moment, bring home books that after careful consideration, I will decide just aren't for me.

Can I carefully consider every book, on the exhibit floor BEFORE it goes into my bag and makes it way home with me?

I sure as hell will try.

The thing is, BEA is long, hot, crowded, exciting, exhilarating  noisy, overwhelming and wonderful. With everything happening will I be allowed that careful consideration? No, not with every book.

Any book that I don't keep for myself will go to my local teen librarian.


What I want to know from you. Those of you going to BEA this year, those of you not going --


Do you want to see my pile when I get back or would you considering it gloating or bragging?

Are you green with envy over not being able to go to BEA this year (I would be if I were staying home!) and will you avoid ALL BEA before during and after posts, tweets and the like?

I'm not just asking to avoid drama - although I'm sure the drama lama will rear it's ugly head at least once during the upcoming weeks.

I'm asking because I really want to know how you feel.

I've created a survey - totally anonymous - and I hope to get some very honest answers.

No judging here. 

I'll compile results and share them before I leave for BEA in a few weeks.

Please share this with others!

Thanks everyone!

Happy Reading!!


  1. I am going to BEA for the first time! Even though I am a book blogger I am only going for Power Readers just because I am still in High School but I live in the area! Do you have any tips? I

  2. I thought I'd be okay not going this year, after such a good year last year. But the closer it gets and the more I hear people talking, the more jealous I get! Can't wait to see your posts!

  3. I'm going to BEA, and I'm definitely planning to do a book haul post on what I got. I am thinking that I will break it down into sections, though, so each book can be featured fairly. Or maybe I'll actually read the blurbs so I can talk about them, which I usually don't do. Haha. I think the whole don't do a book haul like you usually would thing is silly, because, even if it is gloating, at least it's getting more word out about the books, which is why they were given to you. I try to review everything, but I might not be able to (probs), so at least if I do a haul, people will hear about the book for sure from my haul post. Just my two cents!

  4. I've gotten pretty good at ignoring the book haul posts-they're not good for me (even when I have my own piles to look over, I always want more!) I think it's a good idea to share and bring publicity to the books you love and want others to know about.

  5. I'm going to ALA this year and know I'll be coming out with a lot of stuff as well. I like seeing the book posts, even if they usually make me green. This year it might give me a heads up as to what to look for at ALA. :)


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