Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Reviews and You - How do You Blog?

I have a system in place for review writing.

Ok...several systems.

OK! Maybe it's more like one giant system with a lot of moving parts that all work perfectly together.

You know, except when they don't.

I love to read - reading has never been a chore or even a hobby. For me, it's a way of life and I don't see that changing anytime soon.

Writing on the other hand was never something I excelled in. So when it comes time to get all those lovely little thoughts I have on a book out of my head, sometimes it's a challenge.

I TRY to write a review the second I finish a book. I close the book, get up, find my computer and write. I think this works for me because my reviews tend to be more about my emotional reaction to a book rather then it's form and function. I don't analyse style and literary markers - I like talking about how a book makes me feel. My reviews aren't technical and I don't think they ever will be.

So, what happens when I don't write up that review right away?

...bad things...very very bad things....

Ok, not really but it can be a challenge at times.

Today I'm asking you, as a blogger, as a reader - 
how do you handle your reviews?

Do you take notes while you read?

Are you always on the look out for nuggets of content from a book to add to your review?

Are you not even thinking of your review while reading?

As someone who really only writes when I'm blogging, I find other people's writing styles fascinating.

If you have a minute - drop a comment :)

I'll reply below and unless 'noreply-comment' makes an appearance, I'll email you back as well :)

Seriously, I would LOVE to talk to you guys about this!


  1. It depends on the book. Usually I will add status updates on my goodreads link, sometimes I use those comments and sometimes I don't. Sometimes I talk about them on Twitter (I met a couple of authors this way). Most of the time, unless something just slaps me sideways I don't write the review until after. I tend to write my reviews in a notebook as a first draft. Which is great, except I don't always make it to typing it for my blog. This kind of helps on slow reading weeks though. I have no system, no pattern, no method-just madness. I am hoping to get better in the new year. I will also be revamping my blog so maybe that'll help too?

    1. I always forget about status updates on Goodreads. I'm a little OCD about marking books as read and adding them to the correct shelves and whatnot but I rarely use the status updates -- good idea!

      I worry about waiting too long to write a review - and even though I keep a paper and an electronic notebook of books I've read I also worry about just plain forgetting I even read it if I don't get some thoughts out right away.

      I like my system but I also like being able to be flexible - madness works too :)

      Ooo - a new year's blog revamp? Sounds exciting! Hope you have fun with it and thanks for stopping by :)

  2. I take notes.
    The bad thing happens when I don't like enough a book to take notes and then I'm short on words.
    Then I sit down and free write all the things I think of the book. This usually helps me get going. Good luck!

    1. Notes are good! I am so bad with names - I like using post-its throughout a book to help me remember :)

      I'm thinking I need to be more flexible with myself - write what I want when I want it sort of thing.


  3. I try to write something down once I'm finished but as evidenced by the stack of to-review books next to me right now, I am not doing so good at that. In general I prefer the reading to the writing and blogging is basically my only writing time too. If something really stands out to my while reading, I'll mark that but generally I just rely on my own memory.

    1. I have a stack too! It's very large and threatens to topple off my desk at any movement now :)

      You know, I think I psych myself out too much. I always assume if I wait too long I won't remember enough of a book to write a review of it. I don't actually know if this is the case or if I'm just stressing myself out. I usually have a good memory when it comes to books (although, not names - I forget EVERY name!).


  4. I prep my post before I begin a book, then when I'm 25% of the way through I write the synopsis, and when I'm 100% I write my review. Yes, it's a daily process but I think my reviews are better because of it.

    1. Ooo - I like that! It's all about being comfortable with your own style I think.

      Thanks for stopping by Gina!

  5. I have finally developed a system that works for me...I have an outline, sort of, and...I fill it in as soon as I am finished reading the book...I hate retelling the book so I don't do that...I talk about the book...how it made me feel...what I loved...what I didn't love...I wrap it up and I am on to the next book!

    1. I like it!

      I do something similar with a type of review outline. I do almost everything electronically though and I'm starting to wonder if I should be writing more things down either as I go or just when I have the chance.

      Thanks for stopping by!


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