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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

I'm back!

Well, that was unexpected!

Frankenstorm didn't hit my area nearly as hard has it was projected to and for that I'm very grateful. 
My home town area, not so much.
The devastation to New York City and Long Island has been off the charts and to say I've been stressed this last week would be an understatement!

My family and friends are all well - no one was injured, no one I know lost their house but life for my loved ones is far from back to normal. My teenage sister hasn't been to school in over a week and a lot of my friends are still without power. Not to mention the gas shortages!

As my stress levels return to a more manageable state, I ask that you all keep those affected by Super Storm Sandy in your thoughts. I fear the recovery period for this one is going to take a while :(

Also, if you can, I urge to you donate to those in need. The Red Cross, local agencies - there are tons of organizations out there trying to help.


My brain is a little more back on it's regular track and hopefully that means more blogging!

I hope everyone is safe and doing well this gloomy Tuesday morning - happy reading!!

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