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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Book Review: White Witch by Trish Milburn

"...a somewhat lighthearted take on some staple paranormal elements..."
Reading Level: Young Adult
Publication Date: March 2012
Publisher: Bell Bridge Books
Pages: 188
Series: 1st in a series
Acquisition: NetGalley

Witchcraft Is Her Family’s Business. No One Quits The Family And Lives To Tell About It. “Jax” Pherson has power, enough power to know her future will end in service to the dark coven her father controls. Unless she can stay hidden in a small community in the mountains of North Carolina. She must find a way to live without magic and deny the darkness she feels welling up inside her—the same dark power that fuels the covens around the world. All she wants is a normal life. A boyfriend. Friends. Some place to belong, but all too soon Jax’s barely begun new life hangs in the balance when she discovers that the boy she’s attracted to is sworn to kill her kind. He’s a hunter with good reason to kill everything that goes bump in the night. Even the most fleeting use of her power is tantamount to signing her death warrant and will bring both hunter and coven down on her. But can she walk away when her friends are threatened by an old evil? Something created by the magic of witches? Jax’s only hope of survival is to convince the boy she loves to forget everything he’s ever been taught and help her find a way to fight the covens. To believe there is some good in her. (from Goodreads)

My thoughts:
The attraction / potential relationship building that leads to the quickest case of insa love ever was just too much for me. I had to keep checking to make sure I was getting it right but it really was only a few days before our two MCs were falling for each other. It was more then unbelievable, it was a little sickening. And unfortunately, even though I liked the paranormal elements of the story, the insta love was just too much.

Another thing that really didn't sit well with me was Jax's initial reaction to Keller. He's been trained to kill her kind and somehow it doesn't matter at all to Jax. This very much reminded me of another YA book that I really didn't care for at all. Not fair to compare maybe but it's still a pretty glaring bit to forget about.

And then there is Toni, Jax's insta best friend. She also comes from a family that KILLS WITCHES but...somehow it just doesn't matter. I actually really liked Toni, until she turned into a complete idiot at first sight of hot witch boy...whose name I can't even remember.

Final verdict:
Looking back on it now, it's hard for me to remember much more then the 'romance' and insta relationships. Everything happens so quickly it was really impossible for me to take any of it seriously.

White Witch ended on a cliffhanger but I can't say that I was really holding on too tight. I would have rather seen these character crash and burn then figure out whatever it was they thought their problems were. Not a good thing to be feeling at the end of a book.

The first in a series, but I won't be reading any further. A quick read for me and probably for you as well and if you're looking for a somewhat lighthearted take on some staple paranormal elements, then White Witch might be for you. I can't say that I would outright recommend it but I do urge you to seek out other reviews before you decide for yourself.

Overall Rating:
2.5 / 5 Stars

Books in the Coven Series:
#1 White Witch
#2 Bane

Author's website / Goodreads / IndieBound

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  1. Definitely sounds like the whole story was just too rushed to play out properly.


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